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Congraduations New Leaders! 'Hakuna matata'

On November 26th, Hakuna matata is elected as the students´ association of College of social sciences. With this, Hakuna matata will lead College of social sciences from 2010. The constituent of Hakuna matata is the president Kim Chang-Hyun(Dept. of Sociology, 04) and the vice-president Kim Eun-Bi(Dept. of Law, 08).

They promised to manage the students´ association by students, move the Language Education Center and manage welfare business only for the students of College of Social Sciences. “Move the Language education center” is the most prominent promise. The students attend most of the major-related classes in the No. 21 building because the Language Education Center is located in the College of social sciences. And the students live a college life from limited department room. So the promise is to provide the students with a large space.

They said, “We thank the students who vote for Hakuna matata wholeheartedly. Most of all, we will regard communication as a priority. Politics of current government have been managed only for people who are on the same boat. But Hakuna matata will make a ceaseless effort to be friends with the students. And the students do not sufficiently know about behavior or work of the students´ association. They know only the result and do not know the process. So we will activate a visitor system to solve the problem. And we will try to realize pure democracy throughout five people motion.”

Ryu Seung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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