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Kim Jong-Sung was elected the President of G.S.A'ReBORN' won 65.5% of the vote in 57.5% voting rate.

On November 26th, CWNU held student association elections: a general student association(G,S,A), a general female student association, 5 colleges associations, and a club association. 57 percent of the students participated in the election. There was a confrontation between the ReBorn election polling committee and the Ready Action election polling committee in election. A general female student association election was called for the yeas and nays. 65.5 percent of voters voted for ReBorn and 34.5 percent of voters voted for Ready Action.

In addition, the vote stood at 75.1 percent ayes and 24.8 percent noes in general female student association election. 5 colleges associations and a club association were called for the yeas and nays. All associationas got students’ approval.

Thankful feeling of General Student Association
Kim Jong-Sung(Dept. of Electric Engineering) was elected president and Lee Do-Won(Dept. of Finance Insurance) was elected vice-president of the general student association. They said a few words on being elected. °∞We don°Øt know how to thank students. CWNU belongs to the students. We will not reign over students but share all the joys and sorrows with students. We will try to keep our election pledges.°±

Election pledges of General Student Association
First, they set up a negotiation team together with students. The team negotiates with a president and officials of CWNU about tuition fees. They will make public the proceedings of a negotiation and the details of tuition fees. Secondly, they will operate new bus route on campus. They make a plan which is a charge of 300 won and ten times operation a day. A bus route is °∞Dormitory -> College of Economics & Business -> Bongrim student hall -> College of Natural Science -> College of Engineering -> Central Library -> Main Gate -> Wooyoung Plaza -> Dormitory°±. Thirdly, they will open a fitness club. According to a long-range plan of school, CWNU will establish sports center equipped with a swimming pool, a fitness club, a place for yoga, and so on. But CWNU does not have sufficient budget, it cannot establish sports center for students. Nowadays many students go to the private fitness club. They make a plan that they set some athletic equipment at a previous cafeteria of dormitory.

Thankful feeling of General Female Student Association
Joo Ji-Young(Dept. of Finance Insurance) was elected president and Kim Yeong-Joo(Dept. of History) was elected vice-president of the general female student association. They said a few words on being elected. °∞I can°Øt thank you enough. Many students showed interests in our election pledges. We will never let female students down. We will try to listen to students°Ø words carefully.°±

Election pledges of General Female Student Association
First, they will vitalize the rooms for female students. They have a plan which is establishment of °Æbeauty zone°Ø in the room. They will furnish hair driers, lots of nail polish, and curling tongs. Secondly, they will computerize °Ælegal absence owing to menstrual pain°Ø system. CWNU has started test-operating the °Ælegal absence owing to menstrual pain°Ø system that not to mark as absent female students who are unable to attend classes because of menstrual periods. The process is so complicated that many female students do not use this system. They try to simplify procedures by computerization.

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