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They want your special Vote for CWNU!
- Rebone -
1. The name ‘REBONE’ is short and unique unlike other election campaign center. What does ‘Rebone’ contain other meanings ?
-‘Rebone’ means ‘re bone CWNU’. Also ‘Rebone’ pronunciation is the same as ‘ribbon’. So students can image smart and clean. We promise that we must make CWNU general students association clean and smart.

2. What is ‘REBONE’ public pledge?
- ‘Rebone’ ge pledge tuition fees problem, students welfare.
In educational environment pledge, we promise that students can save credits and delete credits. Saving credits is used in many universities in Seoul. When we register for the number of credits, we usually leave 1~2 credits. You can save these credits and carry forward to the next semester. Because some senior students are slightly short of credits, they have difficulty in graduating from CWNU. This pledge can assist senior students. Deleting credits is used in many universities in many foreign countries. In Korea, Pusan National University has applied this system. When you make a bad record in examination, you can delete your an examination subject and credits. You can manage your credits more effectively.

3. Say to CWNU students ?
Coming winter, I think university students like falling leaves for low percentage of employment. So ‘Rebone’ General Students Association election campaign center hope to give CNU students energy and hopeful tomorrow.

- Ready Action -
1. Unlike an opponent, what is the special thing of ‘Ready Action’
- President candidate will turn 30 next year. President candidate emphasized graduation and difficulty of employment. So determination that run for election is not a game. ‘Ready Action’ challenge this election. Because we hundred percent convinced we can improve CWNU’s environment. In hard situations, ‘Ready Action’ promise to do their best.

2. Both General Students Association election campaign center get pledge ‘Tuition fees’ problem. What is different thing from opponents?
‘Ready Action’ thinks that only talking on table does not solve problems. Any general student association succeed in ‘freezing tuition fees’, if it is an easy problem. No actions, no gains. We take actions. Not just pledge ‘freezing tuition fees’, we do our best completing ‘tuition fees’ problem. ‘Ready Action’ already has signature-seeking campaign. So we demand freezing tuition fees with signature-seeking. But if this request is refused, we think more and more students’ actions are needed.

3. What is ‘Ready Action’ strong pledge ?
Free shuttle bus, basket system of application for attending the lecture, breakfast in school restaurant is good response pledge in CWNU students. Three pledges are already completed in many universities, so it is not an obstacle.

Hwang Dong-Hyun  ssams5@changwon.ac.kr

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