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Dangerous Road Construction without Safety Facilities
CNU do construction work for the green construction and the newly established construction on the driveway of dormitory. But there are not enough safety facilities, so many people passing here are in trouble to pass safely.

As both the center flower garden of the driveway of dormitory and the right road are under construction, they are an unpaved road. People want to pass through the paved road. So they do the reverse-drive to avoid the unpaved road, even though they know it is illegal. As the existing wide road becomes narrow because of the construction, the traffic of large sized cars has been frequently delayed. Especially when road has heavy traffic in lunch or diner time, they were caught in a traffic jam. It is very a dangerous situation. However, the safety supervisor do not come up with safety measures. Also while passing through the unpaved road, it threatens students’ security because stone bounce into a pedestrian.

Choi Jin-Tae(dept of. the design of a machine 08) said that we do not have enough safety measures. In addition, when a car got onto the driveway of dormitory under construction, it is terrible because of the dust. I can’t breath well. Also I often witness cars of under construction side inversely drive. It is very serious. I think it can cause an accident. We need to prevent accidents and take some safety measures to come to a close without any problems.
Now, there are no safety measures for security. People want the policeman directing traffic to control the traffic and some safety measures. CNU must discuss ways to help raise security awareness for the managers of key facilities.

Ock Jin-young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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