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Always same menu makes us tired. We Want something New!
We asked students their opinion about the menu of our university school cafeteria.

There is a few dissatisfactions from the students about the menu of our university dining room. First, there is a problem of diversification of the menu. Currently, we have regular meal and a chicken pork cutlet, a sweet potato pork cutlet, noodles of drinking to relieve a hangover, rice cake noodles, dumpling noodles, the fried rice and the special menu. Dining room tried to show various Korean-style foods and Western foods to choose. However, there are some opinions that they have nothing to eat everyday in a fixed campus dining room. We asked the student who takes a meal in Sarimguan. “How do you think about the menu in Sarimguan?” “I hope the menu becomes diversified. I think regular meal is not enough to eat, there is nothing to eat except a pork cutlet and noodles. Actually, those are not for me, but just a set menu. We have no choice options. I hope diversification of the pot stew type of the Korean-style food would be better than diversification of the kinds of foods.” said Lee Dae Suk. “Also, the price of the noodles rose again. It is inconvenient for us to have a meal during a set time. The cutlet size comes to be small prominently. Why?” asked Kim Bum Kuen. The biggest dissatisfaction was caused by the menus which are fixed and not exchanged daily. We met a dining room nutritionist in Sarimguan.

“First, we could not help reducing cutlet’s size and raising price of noodles due to the rising cost of the food materials. We made it by hand and thus the cutlet’s cost of 2500 won is specially not reasonable. And the rising noodles’s cost is already discussed with General Student Association,” she said. “Also, we tried to endeavor to meet students and employee’s convenience than meet our personal profits. Also, because it is a kind of group food to serve a majority of students, we can not meet everybody’s profit, but it is better than before and continue to try to change. And the menu is set based on nutritive conditions, constant supply, and the materials.” she said.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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