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Be the Challenger with START Program
The International Affairs receives applications for overseas trips. This program is called START(Study and Travel Abroad for shoRt Term). Through an overseas trip with the subject of study, it is expected that students can acquire a cosmopolitan outlook. Participants should plan to travel abroad in relation to their specialty and make their own decision about destinations. ‘Education Ability Enhancement Project’ of CNU provides 15 participating teams with 144 million won and a participant receive about 2.5 million won. These overseas trips are scheduled to start this winter vacation. Students on the register should organize a team with an academic adviser. The deadline for this application is on Tuesday, November 10th. The result of the application will be announced in 10 days. Successful applicants should attend orientation sessions. The selection standards are a trip plan, a school record, and a foreign language record. A trip plan accounts for 40 percent of overall score. A school record and a foreign language record account for 30 percent of overall score respectively.

Kim Hyung-Joon(Dept. of Control & Instrumentation Engineering), an applicant of START program, said “Planning a trip is as much fun as the trip itself. Our team has a plan to visit Japan. Industry and engineering constitute the mainstay of the Japan’s economy. Japan holds the high rank in the world for industry and engineering. The importance of English conversation grows up more and more in international society. This program will help us experience other country’s culture and lifestyle. I will be a global leader and engineer who represents Korea. Owing to the CNU’s financial assistance, I will save a lot of money. I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to the CNU. I want to recommend this program to you.” An official of the International Affairs said “Students need to increase their competitive power in the international market. The world is for those who challenge themselves. Through this program, students will acquire other country’s advanced culture and bring up a leadership and a challenging attitude.”

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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