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Dept. of Music, Art College the 28th Graduate Concert

A dept of music at art college in CNU held the 28th graduate concert from Oct 20 Tuesday to Oct 22 Thursday. This concert is progressed divided into two parts at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at art-hall in 61st building. Totally 42 students showed their great and fresh competence at this concert.

On the first day, there are orchestral music performances. Lee Dong-Uk played Clatinet Concerto Op.73 No.1 Mov.3 on the clarinet with Kim Ye-Jee at 2 p.m. on Oct 20. Besides Cho Mung-Su played Roumanian folk dances on the violin with Lee Mi-Lee, Jang Jee-Hwan play Legende Op. 17 Andante on the violin with Park Seung-Eun, Park Ye-Won played Zigeunerweisen Op.20 Moderato on the violin with Lee Jee-Hae, Jun Jee-Won played Concerto in d minor Mow.3 Andante on the cello with Hong Ye-Jin, Kim He-Min play Violin Concerto in b minor No.3 Op,61 on the violin with Hong Ye-Jin at 2 p.m. on Oct 20. And Kim Jong-Chul play Horn Concerto NO.2 in Eb Allegro on the Horn with Lee Mee-Hee, Jo Yu-Lee play Violin Concerto in d minor Op.47 Mov.1 Allegro Moderato on the violin with Kim Du-San, Lue He-Jung play Violin Concerto in d minor Op.47 Mov.3 Allegro ma non troppo on the violin with Jo Joo-Hee, Lee Sung-Woo play Sonatina Mov.1~3 on the clarinet with Hong Ye-Jin, Hwang Mee-He played Sonatina in d minor on the cello with Bae Yen-Joo.

On the second day, there are piano performances. As many parents and brothers of students and a tutor grace The 28th Graduate Concert with one’s presence.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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