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Viva and Hurricane Club Festrival !!!!!!

When the autumn starts to exercise its power on our mind, Viva cup that interests CNU students was held after Dae-Dong-Jae on 28th of September. The Viva club which is a host organization uses international contest regulations and rules. A team taking part in the competition is 23 teams, and teams are divided into six groups (A~F). Two teams in each group will advance into the tournament.. After the tournament, s teams will have a league. With a lot of prize money, the competition is expected to be heated and thus the quality of the game is also expected to be high..

Up to now, Mechanical, Computer, Physical, Information teams are getting winning points and one of the competition organizers said that physical education department team is the strongest title favorite. He told “Because of difficulty in reserving playground and of playground condition, players have a high risk of getting injured.”

The hurricane basketball cup is planned to start on Nove. 1st. Many students who like basketball game wait for this Hurricane Cup, so there are high expectations for this game. Now, Hurricane Cup is collecting 16 teams on a first-come-first-served basis . Regulations of a match and rules follow general formal rules, and a detailed clause or other matters are given only to participation teams. An entry fee is 70000 won for each team, and the prize money is 200000 won for champion, 100000 won for the second winning team, and 50000 won for the third. We are looking forward to a good match because Cup prize money is considerable and midterm examination will end in this competition period. A student of information communication department spoke “We didn’t know it. I want to participate in it.”

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