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What a Festival!

Dae-dong-je, festival at CNU, was held(from October 6th to 9th). This year, Dae-dong-je had celebrate CNU°Øs 40th birthday. In September, because of new type influenza, CNU student worried about festival°Øs cancel. Contrary many students worriment, Fantastic and great Dae-dong-je was over in successfully. Unlike last year, many various event booth on front gate was delighted to see guests who are Changwon citizen and many middle school, high school students.

First day, festival, started on firework, had singing competition named °Æsingsing k-pop contest°Ø. And issued idol girl group °Æ4minute°Ø celebrated our Dae-dong-je. After first day, held many various event in 3days, final game °Æstar craft°Ø, many club°Øs performance, Bongrim rock festival, Bongrim hanmadang and outsider, Kim jong-kuk, sg wannabe who popular singers celebrated Dae-dong-je to sing a song. So, Dae-dong-je fulled Bongrim student°Øs passion and exciting.

Also many department held seminar in front of professors and graduated senior that students practice and practice in a long time. Dept of law held imitation trial in industry-university cooperation building on 8th. They played imitation trral dynamically, about °Æfinance deception from stock manipulation°Ø. And dept of sociology played °ÆMadang play°Ø in park of triangle.
The play satirized trend to make light of human life. The other dept, journalism & mass communication, japanese and chinese language, building also held display. Students made a festival not only drink and joyful but meaningly through their passion and effort.

But some student’s over drinking and fighting was harm to other people who enjoys festival. Dept of civil engineering student Han said °∞Every year, some students lacking self-control made people°Øs temper.

Hwang Dong-Hyun  Ssams5@changwon.ac.kr

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