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CNU R.O.T.C Go abroad to Experiene Foreign Culture
CNU Reseve Officers’ Training Crops(under R.O.T.C) had culture reporting to China on last 3th to 7th, September. 20 people who are senior officer’s candidate and Kim jeong-lea lieutenant colonel, the boss of R.O.T.C have done culture reporting.. R.O.T.C’s departed from the country in Incheon airport and arrived at Sim-yang airport in China and they went to the cave of water and the tomb called Beiling, where the king of Chung was buried . On the second day, they climbed Beak-do mountain, saw the lake ‘Chun ji’, which symbolizes Korean soul. And they visited Jang-Baek falls. Climbing Beak-do mountain, senior officer’s candidate fostered proud of Korea and ancestor’s spirit.

R.O.T.C publicized CNU, and interchanged Yanbian university, which was the chance to grow globally sense. Especially, R.O.T.C came back with train through North Korea, division of Korea’s north place.

Park, R.O.T.C 48th officer’s candidate, said that culture reporting was so tired because they moved so far long way, but this trip was not just culture reporting but was a stage of learning on our soul before commission, last term in university.

Next year, 49th officer’s candidates also have plan to go abroad culture reporting. Unlike this year, reporting plan for next year will be on mid-july, not to disturb officer’s candidate’s study.

CNU R.O.T.C, once a division of into parts Gyungnam University R.O.T.C., was promoted to the separate 165 R.O.T.C on Sep. 1 , 1992 and trained 580 military officers.

Hwang Dong-Hyun  Ssams5@changwon.ac.kr.kr

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