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Tips to freshmen for a successful college life!
The university is very different when compared with high school. From now on you are no longer a teenager. This means you are now an adult! Therefore, you should be responsible for your own actions. You should do everything by yourself -- studying, making friends, planning a schedule, being a member of a club, etc. Of course this is not easy so let me give you some tips about college life!

First, you should become familiar with our university homepage. The university homepage has all information on scholarships, announcements, working in the university, etc.

Second, jump in with both feet at university or department events. This is helpful to make more personal connections. It is not easy to make friends for the first time but having school friends is a very important thing.

Third, strive to keep your grades up. Of course, university life is not only about studying, but academic performance is not something to be ignored. Simple things such as are having eye-contact with professors and sitting in front of the class can help improve your concentration and boost up your grades.

Fourth, learn a foreign language. Needless to say, English is essential nowadays.

Fifth, go on a trip! Taking a trip is a privilege for many university students. Your time in the university is the perfect time for traveling. University students can avail of travel discounts. They usually have more free time because vacations are longer. Every year, you can have almost three months of break so you can go anywhere.

Sixth, join a study group. In the university, studying is better when done collectively. In study groups, students help each other.

Finally, do extracurricular activities! Sign up for campus activities like contests, on-campus events, or volunteer work. Getting involved is particularly helpful in shaping your education and when getting a job in the future.

by Kim Gyeong-ah, Reporter

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