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Press arbitrator talks about media ethics
Jang Sung-Won of the Press Arbitration Commission conducted a lecture on ‘Media Convergence’ on Oct. 12th, Tuesday, at the College of Social Sciences. Students dealing with media and the press from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication attended the lecture.

Through powerpoint presentations, Mr. Jang discussed many topics, showed various articles and their problems, and offered different perspectives. The first topic was about articles containing irrelevant contents such as street names or address. This type of articles offers general information and does not require addresses to be listed. Old newspapers had made the mistake of putting unverifiable addresses in the articles.

The second topic was about ‘sensationalism’ in journalism. Instead of covering the true story, reporters tend to exaggerate the truth and sensationalize the story to make it a “hot issue.” As long as it sells more newspapers, media would report the news without much regard for factual accuracy.

Often, a lot of people end up getting hurt. Those who are victimized file complaints and the newspaper will have to issue an open letter of apology.

As the final topic, Mr. Jang talked about defamation of character in media. He cited the case of the famous singer Rain as an example. One reporter wrote a series of negative articles about Rain continuously for two to three days. The articles contained malicious and false reports about the singer who eventually filed a libel suit against the reporter.

As a press arbitrator, Mr. Jang reviewed the case and decided that the articles indeed libelous. He added that exposing pictures of people without permission is a violation of privacy rights and is punishable under the law. People who commit this violation must pay a fine of 300,000~400,000.

In closing, Mr. Jang introduced the Press Arbitration Commission and explained media ethics and the proper way of reporting. A Q&A session followed where he took questions from the students.

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