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ROTC receives the best award in the summer military training
This year’s ROTC was selected as the outstanding ROTC in the summer military training. In the training in which the ROTC’s of 108 universities from all parts of the country participated, we received the best award because of the clear martial spirit and excellent training results.

Kim Seong-Hoon said “ We think we have received the award thanks to the head of our corps and the trainers who were very enthusiastic. They created such an atmosphere that we could fully engage ourselves and gave us good training and discipline. All ROTC students also took no little pains.”
he ROTC had an overseas military culture trip from September 12th to 16th. They broadened their visions and designed new future dreams though experiencing the Chinese culture and history directly. Meanwhile, they had a precious time of looking back to the importance of home through the life in another country though the visit was for such a short time.

Baekdu Mountain and Yanbian University were most memorable. When we went to Baekdu Mountain, the guide said that it was her first time to see such a clear day in the Baekdu Mountain where only 30~40 days of a year were clear.” Kim Seong-Hoon said. “Therefore, we could see Cheon-Ji (Heaven Lake) and had fun in it. The cultural tour of 4-night and 5-day really seemed to be a very short time. Though there were hard and painful things, I thought it was worthy of a compensation. We could have a wide perspective of the world. It became an opportunity for us to take a step forward and to be much closer with the mates. We also remember suffering from eating Chinese food which did not agree with us.”

Finally, he added as final words he wanted to give to the ROTC mates “As there is no long way ahead, I hope that each of us will do the best to the end and become a great man working for the country.”

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