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The 38th Yeong-Nam athletic meeting was held in CWNU
The ‘36th Yeong-Nam Athletic Meeting’ was held for two days in CWNU, from Sept. 17~18, 2010. This athletic meeting gathered students from the department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of all universities in the Yeongnam area, namely Dong-A, Ulsan, Pusan, Gyeongsang, Kyungpook, CWNU, etc. However, not all participants were metallurgy or materials engineering majors; there were other partcipants studying a related field.

Originally, the objective of this event was to promote friendship. However, as it grew bigger, eventually it became an annual event.The venue is changed every year, and this year CWNU is hosting this event. Partcipants ranged from freshmen to senior students, male or female, playing a variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, foot baseball, foot volleyball, wrestling, tug-of-war, etc.

On the first day, qualifying and semifinal games went on. Pusan National University(PNU) and Gyeongsang National University(GNU) started the first game of soccer, while Dong-A University and Yeungnam University(YU) played basketball. PNU and YU played against each other in basketball, and several games went on well. All entry teams participated in the qualifying and semifinal games except wrestling, tug-of-war, penalty kick for female students, and relay. University teams eliminated in the qualifying round for the first place expressed their regrets.

After the completion of all the athletic events, a special dinner event awaited the ‘Metallurgy People’ in the evening. CWNU’s clubs namely, Phoenix, Outsiders, Comuse Band performed during the celebration concert and seven other universities presented their own performances. Prizes were given to the top three performances, in which YU got the 1st place, GNU the 2nd, and CWNU bagging the thrid prize. The first place winning team gave an encore performance featuring female students’ sexy performance to the delight of the male audience. The prizes were include boxes of beverages and fruits.

The second day started highlight. of the event. All the final games started together. There were the highest score relay, the second highest score female foot baseball, and tug-of-war. Finally, the score board showed these results: soccer champion: Ulsan University, basketball: PNU, foot volleyball: CWNU, tug-of-war: Ulsan University, relay: CWNU, female penalty kick: CWNU. By winning three athletic events, CWNU wins the final victory! This victory may be attributed to home ground advantage. CWNU students played comfortably and better in their own turf. The biggest reason for this victory was the high scores in the relay game and in female penalty kick game. The second place winner is GNU, and KNU was awarded a prize for cheering. CWNU got a trophy and gift certificates worth 50,000 each,. The department of Metallurgy and Materials engineering chairman Prof. Choi Hoon-sik also awarded gift certificates worth 50,000 to students who participated in the talent show, and their trophy is now displayed in the department office.

Prof. Choi and his committee spent a month to prepare for this huge event. He said that 9 universities were supposed to join, however, due to circumstances, only 7 universities participated this year. There were about 800 participants in total, and all the events took place smoothly, without any hassle. He was glad that the event ended successfully, with CWNU as the final winner. He said “I’d like to express my appreciation to all the participants.”

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