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Oniwell(Changnyung Onion Extract) recognized as functional ingredient for healthy food!
‘The Morning of Woopo, Co.’, which is a manufacturing corporation achieved through the association of industrial, academic, and public service personnel through mutual negotiation of CWNU and Changnyung Gun, had its “Changnyung Onion Extract” designated a as functional ingredient of healthy food by the Korean Food & Drug Administration early this month.

“Changnyung Onion Extract” is the outcome of the technical development work of the Changnyung Onion Bio-specializing Association (Head, Cha Yong-Jun) at CWNU, which has performed RIS supported by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, and it was made possible by approximately 3 years of R&D by professor Cha Yong-Jun’s team (Professor Kim Chang- Soon, Lee Kyung-Hye, Roh Sang-Kyu) in the Dept. of Food and Nutrition at CWNU.

“Changnyung Onion Extract” was made after a long effort using carefully chosen high quality Changnyung onions, and its functional ingredients include quercetin, of which there is 20mg in Changnyung Onion Extract (150ml). Clinical trials in a famous domestic University hospital showed that after ingesting “Changnyung Onion Extract”, the total cholesterol in the blood was reduced about 20mg/dL, LDL-cholesterol was reduced about 20mg/dL, and HDL-cholesterol rose about 3.7mg/dL, which proved its beneficial effects. Therefore its functionality was recognized. In addition to this, ingesting “Changnyung Onion Extract” showed beneficial effects regarding lipid in the blood and arteriosclerosis, as well as reduction of blood sugar, an anticancer effect, weight loss, and fatigue recovery.

As a result of going through an integrated consultation with the Bio Food Network Association of Ehwa Woman’s University (Head, Kwon Oh-Ran) to develop the onion extract’s marketability and achieve its acknowledgement as a functional ingredient of healthy food, and after realizing the necessity of high value addition of Changnyung Onion Extract while performing the 1st stage of RIS work, its potential for becoming a high value added business was recognized. Therefore, its acknowledgement as a functional ingredient of healthy food was achieved while performing the 2nd stage of RIS work, and as a result, it was successfully registered as a functional ingredient of healthy food immediately.

The Bio Food Network Association of Ehwa Woman’s University was selected in the local area related industry promotion project of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (the current Ministry of Knowledge Economy) in 2004, and the association is an RIS association designed to overcome the difficulties of certifying test evaluations in bio food related businesses, which it actively supported through professional information and consulting, etc, related to the registration of “Changnyung Onion Extract”. Furthermore, it was selected for “the technical consulting business for making healthy food as a product.” The association continues to heighten the utilization of research results regarding useful ingredients in Korea to consult the necessary parties for applying for the status of functional ingredients of healthy food, such as by establishing standardized methods of manufacturing an ingredient and its size, of checking safety, of doing research on functionality, etc, so these ingredients may be recognized as functional ingredients of healthy food more quickly.

As “Changnyung Onion Extract” became recognized as a functional ingredient of healthy food, its public recognition and reliability both grew, and it is expected that high value added businesses using local specialties in other areas of Korea would be revitalized.

CWNU’s Changnyung Onion Bio Specializing Association will settle its agricultural product high value added business through development and technical transfer of 2nd and 3rd healthy function foods using onion as well as pastes with onion, such as onion hot pepper, onion soy sauce, etc, to revitalize the economy of Changnyung and make the area independent.

Ko Hye-Young  media@changwon.ac.kr

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