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Lee Hye-Won selected for study abroad program
Lee Hye Won (Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature, 07) passed the selection examination of ‘2010 Japanese language and culture training’ for international student s sponsored by the Japanese government’s Ministry of Education.

This training program is open to students majoring in Japanese language or Japanese culture. Only one applicant recommended by their university may apply for the program.

Hye Won will receive a scholarship (about 1.3 million won) from Government of Japan Ministry of Education in Kyoto University, and a one-year education for the understanding of Japanese culture and the improvement of Japanese language ability. She will also have the opportunity to have various cultural experiences during her training in October. She relates her opinions with us during an interview:

1. What do you think about passing the selection exam?
- The exam was in March but the announcement was in August. Therefore, I got tired of waiting, but felt very good as I passed the exam.

2. How will this experience make a difference to you?
- Japan will give various benefits to me. I will learn from a lot of things about Japan and Korean cultural exchanges. Therefore I will think about a way for Japan and Korean relation to improve.

3. What are your future plans?
- After I entering the university, my dream changed a lot. I will acquire various experiences for my career in addition to Japanese studies worldwide, and will try hard to find opportunities for self-development.

Meanwhile, the Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature should be commended for its splendid achievement of produceing successful candidates from 2004 to 2008: Mok Hye-Li(2004), Kim U-Jeong(2005), Kang Hye-Lan(2006), Back Kyeng-Sook(2007), and Hwa Sul-Lan(2008).

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