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Job Fair Seaseon Coming

Job fair and Recruiting were held in Dure hall and Central Science & Technology laboratory’s room of multi media for the graduates to be in 2010. Doosan, Samsung, Bank of Kyungnam participated in the event. Doosan subsidiary(Doosan group, Doosan heavy industry, Doosan infracore, Doosan mecatec, Doosan DST, Doosan Mottrol) held Job fair at 14:00 on 3th of September. Job fair informed the points in writing an application form and examples of interviewer’s questions, interviewer’s rating point and so on. Based on job fair, Doosan subsidiaries also held Recruiting for the graduates to be in 2010 who want to join Doosan subsidiary. The distinctive point of this recruiting was that applicants must present their grade of English speaking test. It means speaking English is more important for employment than reading and listening English.
Also, Samsung Techwin held recruiting on 8th of September on the third floor of Dure hall. Samsung Techwin had limitation of above 3.5 in GPA., but had no other limitations. Also, according to students who participate, Samsung’s interviewers had more emphasis on TOEIC score at the interview.

Doosan subsidiaris and Samsung Techwin are the door of employment for students who study in college of engineering. So, Bank of Gyungnam and Samsung Fire & Insurance job fair was also held for the graduates to be in 2010 who study in college of economics on 3th of September on the first floor in Dure hall. Shin ,who had participated both in Doosan and Samsung Techwin’s job fair and recruiting, said each company had different criterion in qualifications and different rating point in screening application. So applicants must always prepare for each company’s criterion. That’s so fuzzy.

Because many job fair and recruiting are held in CNU, CNU supported ‘Bongrim job fair point scholarship’. The scholarship will be given to those who participated in job fair and recruiting well. The scholarship would be 35,000won for 100students and each participant can get it many times. And want to get a more information join http://jobja.changwon.ac.kr

Hwang Dong-Hyun  Ssams5@changwon.ac.kr

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