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A menstruation Holiday for Female Students
CNU examine the having fever at the entrance of a library to prevent infection of a Influenza virus to other students.
A menstruation holiday, one of the election pledges of Bodyguard, female students’ union, is passed due to tireless efforts both by the entire female student’s union and the student affairs section. CNU may decide not to mark as absent female students who are unable to attend classes because of menstrual periods. This system starts test-operating part during the second semester, through the test-operating we find out the problems and solutions then we can make the complementary measures and we are going to start in 2010.

The female student can take a rest during her class when she suffers from the severe pain by menstruation, once a month self-reliant control on the period of a menstruation. This system can subtract physical distress, but on the other side there can be many problems.

To solve this problem, Bodyguard suggests some solutions. First, negligence about studies. Bodyguard suggest “It is admitted once a month, maximum 4days a semester. Also to prevent abuse, it is not admitted when absentee days are over a quarter of attendance days. Second problem is a sexual discrimination. That can be solved by our respect for other gender through the conversion of recognition. The way of the operation is as follows: after a menstruation holiday, you write out a menstruation holiday application, you have confirmation by the chair and submit it to your professors, then you can admit your attendance. The menstruation holiday application is printed on comprehensive information system on CNU website.
Pay attention to the fact that it can’t be used during the exam period. the 25th Bodyguard, female students’s union said that we want not to happen the case of abusing this system. So in 2010, 4 thousand female student can make the best use of this system.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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