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Pulmu do volunteer work for 10 nights 11 days in China
The 2010 summer overseas volunteers, formed to expand the chance of international community participation experience and cultural exchange with overseas volunteer work, did volunteer work in China Yanbian from July 19th to 29th.

The volunteer team’s name is Pulmu. The name came from the aim that is to raise fire in people’s minds. Pulmu consists of a total of 22 students and four teams such as ‘Taekwondo education team’, ‘Recreation & Cultures team’, ‘Korean education team’ and ‘Photographing & Record team’.

On the 19th, they arrived in Yanbian and got on a bus headed for their accommodation. At the accommodation, they received the director’s education that they should be careful about volunteering in China.

On the 20th and 21st, they went to ‘Sinheung nursing home’ to volunteer. On the first day, they did cleaning and weeding around the nursing home, giving a massage, and hair-dyeing to grandparents. On the second day, they showed performances, which were prepared by each team for more than a month , in a feast for the grandparents. After the end of the volunteer work at the nursing home, Kim Sun-A (Dept. of Child & Family, 07), member of Recreation & Cultures team, said about the outreach for two days, “I think that dyeing service is the most memorable. Because after dyeing, grandmothers said they appreciated it and gave snacks to me. At that time, I am rather more thankful to her.”

From the 22nd to 24th, they went to ‘Longjing Welfare School’. In the school, they did performances and gave education for the students. They also repaired outdated things such as poor bulletin board and basket of basketball. On the first day, the recreation and education of Korean education team were conducted. The lecture of Korean education team is about making beads and water rocket. On the second day, athletic and swimming, organized by Recreation & Cultures team, were conducted. On the third day, the education of Taekwondo education team, which comprised of Taekwondo’s basics such as kick, attitude and forward roll was conducted. After all the schedules were finished in school, Kim Hyun-Ho (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 06), member of Taekwondo education team, said about the testimonials of activities in school, “I think activities in school are precious and fun time. Rather, I feel I get something from the students. So, I will remember the time.“

After the 24th, the volunteer work was over. So they had time to experience the culture of ethnic Koreans living in China. From the 25th to 26th, they homestayed with families of ethnic Koreans. On the 27th and 28th, they went to attraction such as the Tumen, Daesung school, Yun Dong-Ju Birthplace, Ilsongzung and Longjing wells. After the time to experience the culture of ethnic Koreans, Ahn Na-Ri (Dept. of English Language & Literature, 07) said, “I think the time is good chance for me, especially homestay. The good thing of homestay is to be able to experience Yanbian’s social and culture. And through that, my bias disappeared and my perception about ethnic Koreans changed.”

On the 28th, they went to climb Mt. Baekdu. In Mt. Baekdu, they moved to see Rokwondam, Socheonji and Cheonji. Since the weather was terrible, they could not see Cheinji.

On the 29th, they finished all the schedules and came back to Korea. After all the work for 10 nights and 11 days, Sung Seung-Hyun (Dept of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering ,05), head of Pulmu and member of Korean education team, said, “I think 2010 Summer overseas volunteer is a rewarding activity for me and Pulmu. And I appreciate to have the opportunity. Through that, I learned a lot of things such as volunteer and culture experience. Because I have valued friends, thanks again for giving me the opportunity.”

Ryu Seung-Bong  media@changwon.ac.kr

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