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Prof. Park received the chairperson's award of Korea Corporate
Professor Park Dong-Gyu received the chairperson’s award of Korea Corporate and Academic Association at the presentation meeting for the results of Gyeongsangnam-do Corporate and Academic Competition for Technological Innovation.

Prof. Park Dong-Gyu from the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at the CWNU received the chairperson’s award jointly with Wonjin Information.

“Digital Atti” was developed as a software for the lingual communication of the handicapped people. The research for the corporate and academic tasks under the corporate and academic supporting projects for the development of common technologies was jointly executed with the sponsorship of the Small and Medium Business Administration in 2009. It was selected as one of the candidates for the New Software Grand Prize.

In January, 2010, the developers of the software successfully obtained the S/W GS (Good Software) certification from the Telecommunications Technology Association which is a governmental certifying agency.

The previous visual and cognitive training materials provided the subject children with simple and boring academic effects by making them use pens to draw lines and write or select answers. Most of the materials were in the paper form. Also, there were some inconvenient matters related to the calculation, analysis and management of the academic results.

As a result of such inconvenient matters, it was difficult to induce the interest of the subject children. After considering such conditions, “Digital Atti” was made by combining animation and sound effects. The program is in the digital-board form with Wiimote Controller. It can be used by the visually and cognitively-handicapped children for the analysis and estimation of the academic results.

After receiving the award, Prof.Park Dong-Gyu said, “We are planning to develop such programs continuously in order to enable the people with lingual, visual and cognitive disabilities to receive the information-oriented benefits. We are also planning to develop and export visual and cognitive educational programs which can help the handicapped people who experience a hard time communicating with others to study Japanese or English.”

Prof. Park Dong-Gyu has continuously focused on the development of the programs for visualization, mobile games and contents, 3-dimensional animation, Wiimote-controlling animation and communication tools with the smart-phone basis.

He said, “At the moment, there seems to be a great level of change caused by the smart-phone in the field of information and communication. By considering such a trend, we are currently developing the application programs for CWNU, which can be downloaded into I-Phone for usage.

Through such application programs, it is possible to get the information related to such categories as the introduction, the academic admission, the institutions and the location of CWNU. Also, we are holding the lectures related to the beginner’s course for I-Phone application developers.”

Also, by executing a cooperative research, it was possible to utilize the excellent manpower of the laboratory under Prof. Park Dong-Gyu and the equipment provided by the university. Based on the research task, it was also possible to execute the Hanieum project which was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Information Economics, the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, and the Federation of Korea Information Industries.

The Hanieum project also provides a mentoring program for the students who may have inquiries and interests.

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