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'InterfaceSofy' selected as the best item club
InterfaceSoft(IS), CWNU Dept. of Computer Engineering venture start-up club, was selected by the Gyeongsangnam-do as the best item club and was awarded 10 million won as supporting fund in the 2010 excellent start-up item assistance businesses, which was organized by the Small and Medium Business Administration.

The participants of this event were a senior high school business start-up club recommended by the principal of their own school or a university student business start-up club recommended by the university president. The purpose of this event was to foster excellent preliminary business founders and to promote student business start-ups. The event supports 55 business start-ups club and the support is categorized into two: start-up and a cultivation of start-up mind. The supporting money of excellent business start-up item was 10 million won (15 clubs), and the assistance for business start-up mind cultivation was 3 million won (40 clubs).

The InterfaceSoft(IS) club which gets supporting money of excellent business start-up item was founded in 1998. Currently, it is active with around 14 members, including the club president Park Gang-Jin and Professor Lee Woo-Sun. The main force field of the InterfaceSoft(IS) is Embedded System and Mobile Application. The TIS(Transportation Information System) which was selected as an excellent business start-up item this time, provides public transportation motorists information nationwide to Mobile Application based on Android 2.1.

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