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Prof. Cho honored by small and medium business administration
Prof.Cho Jung-Seon in the Department of Control Instrumentation Engineering at CWNU is an expert in the fields of intelligent mechatronics and hybrid excavators. He has not only focused on the education part, but also actively participated in the process of creating the fusion between the intelligence control and the mechatronics system and developing the hybrid excavators. By participating in the corporate and academic supporting projects for the development of common technologies for several times, he has focused on providing the small and medium corporations in local areas with technological advice and developing new products in order to strengthen their corporate competitiveness. Also, he has been a role model for the corporate and academic cooperation. With such achievements, he received the award from the Small and Medium Business Administration at the 2009 Gyeongsangnam-do Corporate and Academic Competition for Technological Innovation.

Regarding his plan in the future, Prof.Cho Jung-Seon said, “We have executed the second project for the development of hybrid excavators as a 2-year task. The project can be regarded as a successive research of Volvo Construction Equipment. If the project is successfully completed, the related products of the project will be developed for the first time in Korea. Also, I am planning to write an English thesis in SCI Journal either late this year or early next year.”

Lastly, for the students studying engineering, he said, “It is very important for the students studying engineering to read as many books for general education as possible in order to become successful after graduation, since such books are very helpful in making proper relationships with others. It is necessary for those getting good academic marks to get rid of their narrow idea of competing with others from the neighboring universities. It is important for them to extend their vision at least to consider the competition with those in the capital area of the country.”

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