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Making friends with mathematics

At CWNU, the nationwide ‘2010 Experiential Exhibition for Mathematics’ at CWNU was held between July 8th and 12th with the slogan of ‘Making Friends with Mathematics’, in order to provide students with a chance to solve mathematical principles through experience and games.

The event was jointly sponsored by the department of applied mathematics at CWNU and the regional scientific technology promoting center. It was held for 5 days at Sarim-gwan. During the event, various programs were held to provide babies, children, elementary, middle and high-school students, math teachers, school parents and ordinary participants with chances to see teaching tools, experience various activities and listen to special lectures. In particular, a special lecture was held by the first-time Korean astronaut Dr. (Ph.D) Lee So-Yeon on 12th.

According to CWNU, the teaching tools at the exhibition were even borrowed from other institutes in Seoul. The people at the university tried very hard to gather all the unusual data and tools for the exhibition. There were 350 teaching tools of 200 categories at the exhibition, including the personally created pieces of the students at CWNU.

Also, there were approximately 70 assistants who volunteered to help the participants at the exhibition. The assistants who were mostly the students at CWNU had practiced again and again prior to the opening of the exhibition, in order to provide the participants with interesting and useful moments and satisfy their curiosities.

At the experiential booth, various events for making tessellation fans, Sepaktakraw balls and Sierpiski triangular pyramids and folding colored paper were held.

During the event, various special lectures, including ‘the Story about Space’ which was executed by Dr. (Ph.D) Lee So-Yeon from Korea Aerospa ce Research Institute and the one which focused on the relationship between each major field and mathematics, were held.

Meanwhile, CWNU has held the nationwide experiential exhibition for mathematics every three years since 2004. 20,000 people participated in the 2004 exhibition for 10 days, while 12,000 people participated in the 2007 exhibition for 5 days.

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