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A festival of gifted students from around the world
‘The 21st International Biology Olympiad (IBO 2010)’ was hosted from July 11th to 18th. It was held at CWNU, Sungsan Arts Hall, and CECO. IBO 2010 was an event that brought together gifted students from around the world to test their skills in tackling biological problems. It also tried to challenge and stimulate these students to expand their talents and promote their scientific careers. 233 students from 59 countries, along with about 300 Jury, Observers, and staff participated in this Olympiad.

On July 12th, the opening ceremony was held at Sungsan Art Hall. Park Seong-Ho, President of CWNU, said “It is a great pleasure to host the 21st International Biology Olympiad in Korea. CWNU is committed to providing the most secure and comfortable locations and facilities.”
On July 13th, the practical test was held at CWNU. The test was divided into four sections; biochemistry, cell physiology, genetics, and animal and plant anatomy. The exams required knowledge which is learned from high school to university.

On July 14th, students visited ‘Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering’ and the ‘Dinosaur fossil site of Goseong’. Daewoo is the world’s second largest maker of ships, offshore structures, submarines and so on. The fossil site is the world’s largest Mesozoic bird footprint fossil site.

On July 15th, the theoretical test was held at CWNU. The questions were chosen from a wide variety of areas, with difficulty ranging up to biological concepts normally learned in the first and second years of university. After the test, all those involved in IBO 2010? the participants, jury, and team guides joined in a friendship night. There were no barriers between them. Where they were from or why they were here didn’t matter.

On July 16th, students visited historic sites in Gyeongju, Bulguksa Temple and Gyeongju National Museum. The sites have been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2000 and exemplify the Silla kingdom civilization.

On July 17th, students experienced Korean traditional culture (Taekwondo and Samulnori) at the CWNU gym. The Closing & Awards Ceremony was held at Sungsan Art Hall. Everyone awaited the award announcement and medal presentation. Medalists were introduced one by one. Loud applause and cheers rose up to congratulate them as they were called onto the stage to receive their medals and certificates. Team Korea received two gold medals and two silver medals, which ranked 5th. Team Chinese Taipei, receiving four gold medals, ranked 1st.

IBO 2010 concluded on July 18th. Participants exchanged presents and email addresses with friends they could only have made at IBO. Next July, the 22nd International Biology Olympiad will be held in Chinese Taipei.

Ahn Seong-bin  media@changwon.ac.kr

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