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2010 Professors' Regular Meeting took place

The 2010 professors’ regular meeting took place on April 6 at the auditorium of the Jonghab Education Building (85). Several important figures, such as President Park Song-Ho, faculty chairman Jung Cha-Gun, the dean of academic affairs, the dean of student affairs, the dean of planning, and director were present at the professors’ meeting.

The deans of academic and student affairs, planning, and director presented their plans for 2010. The main issues discussed at the meeting were the “introduction of a result-based annual salary system for public university professors,” “placement of artificial grass in the main sports field,” and “management of the paid parking system.”

Faculty chairman Jung Cha-Gun stated that “while Gyeongsangnam-do and Pukyong National Universities are designing a unified campus, our university stands at an important fork in the road,” and emphasized that “the current realities of our university must be overcome in order to make a better CWNU of tomorrow.”

The result-based annual salary system involves terminating the step salary system by 2015 in favor of this result-based system. The current system of adding bonuses to the base pay would change to distributing working expenses in addition to the base pay in accordance with yearly professor performance evaluations. This operation is a national project and is being handled by the technical departments of education and science. Being a sensitive problem to the professors, many questions and answers were exchanged.

The school’s placement of artificial grass was greatly discussed at the professors’ meeting. Artificial grass will be placed at the current main sports field and it was revealed that the contract will be concluded in a week or two. The construction work is predicted to last from April until September, and a private company will be managing the field.

The paid parking system discussion involved the parking system currently installed at CWNU’s main and west gates. Along with the implementation of the paid parking system, there was a case of apprehending the person responsible for damaging the public bicycles at the student dormitories. It covered issues such as discouraging illegal dumping of garbage, and saving up to 120 million won in personnel expenses per year.

The president said that “the case where a certain university declared merging without considering another university’s circumstances was very unfortunate.” He said that he wishes to “improve the quality of administrative service, implement innovation on evaluation and human resources, and create a school that will be trusted by the students.” He disclosed his desire to prepare a program that will improve undergraduate education and create competitive specialized departments. President Park also said that he would “lead a second leap forward using the opportunity of the formation of the merger” and “a public school cooperation planning team is in operation to work together with the city of Changwon.”

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