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Men's Brain Freezes at the Sight of Beautiful Women
 A study revealed that when a man is having a word with an attractive woman, his brain function sharply decreases s...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-12 16:57
Old Wisdom&New Energy
 How was your chuseok and all-together festival? Although a typhoon started to blow, the festival fever spread thro...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-12 16:33
Construct Woodland Path and Pond
A eco-friendly and healthful woodland path CNU makes a woodland path on campus. CNU hopes member’s promotion of hea...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2009-10-12 15:18
What a Festival!
 Dae-dong-je, festival at CNU, was held(from October 6th to 9th). This...
Hwang Dong-Hyun  |  2009-10-12 15:18
Onion Bio Association had 2nd reported
 Changnyeong Onion Bio Association of CNU held ‘the 2nd report present...
Kang In-Jung  |  2009-10-12 15:17
Campus News Briefly
Contributions to Neighbors in Need   CNU staff and faculty members displayed true example of generosity f...
The Campus Journal  |  2009-10-12 13:34
Campus life
Woo Mi-Jung  |  2009-10-12 10:44
Critical Cartoon
Woo Mi Jung  |  2009-10-12 10:43
Chuseok : Traditional Autumn Festival
1. Introduction of Chuseok The Chuseok, one of the greatest traditional holidays in Korea, falls on the 15th day of...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2009-09-28 23:23
Girl's Best Days
 There are many idol groups, consisting of several girls, in the world of singers such as the Girls Generation, the...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2009-09-28 23:22
Shadows of night disappear
 Most of the stars at night sky in cities disappear due to the bright light. We will live in the environment o...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-09-28 23:21
Should we stop practicing Web McCarthyism?
1)  agreeby  Jung Jae Hoondept of Information and Communication There are many incident netizens conducti...
Jung Jae Hoon, Bae Won-Yong  |  2009-09-28 22:04
Forieners to ve Issued Prison Uniforms
 A new Korean law will soon take effect.  Said law will require that all foreign nationals coming into Korea s...
Stanford Wells  |  2009-09-28 21:33
'get' 다양한 표현
 아주 쉽고 내가 잘 알고 있다고 생각한 많은 어휘의 쓰임새 중 가장 다양한 뜻을 가진 단어 중 하나가 아나 “get”일 것입...
Lee Hyun-Young  |  2009-09-28 17:16
How about studying abroad
 It is difficult to be a globally competent person. Because a study abroad costs for us much money. So CNU decided ...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2009-09-28 16:58
There are Answers at Your Task
 Times are troublous because of the new influenza and so soon the autu...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-09-28 16:32
Campus News Briefly
CNU Credits can be obtained at Seoul National University CNU students can now obtain credits from Seoul National Un...
The Campus Journal  |  2009-09-28 15:45
CNU R.O.T.C Go abroad to Experiene Foreign Culture
 CNU Reseve Officers’ Training Crops(under R.O.T.C) had culture reporting to China on  last 3th to 7th, Septem...
Hwang Dong-Hyun  |  2009-09-28 15:16
Selected as the Model Organization for Budget
 CNU is selected as the model organization for 2009 budget execution. Total of 9 universities were selected nationw...
Kang In-Jung  |  2009-09-28 15:16
Dept of Japanese&Literature Team win a First Prize
 CNU dept of the Japanese & Literature win a series of three the first...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-09-28 15:16
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