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Additional Point for Military Service is Right
1)  agreeby Kim Lee-SeulCub-reporter Originally, Korea Military Academy accepted men only. However, there were...
Kim Lee-Seul, Bae Min-Ju  |  2009-10-26 22:08
The Worst Drivers in the World?
 What is up with Korean drivers?  I am one to really hate stereotypes and prejudices. I’m perhaps one of the m...
Stanford Wells  |  2009-10-26 21:34
reported speech(간접화법)(1)
 금번 호부터는 흔히 “reported speech(간접화법)”류의 동사라고 알려진 ”say,” “tell,” “ask” 등에 관해 살펴볼 것이다.  간접화법을 통해 상대방의 말을 제 3자에게 전달...
Lee Hyun-young  |  2009-10-26 17:16
Bring up global Competitive Power with One-to-One
  We met Kim Young-Woo a senior student in Dept. of International Rela...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2009-10-26 16:59
Campus News Briefly
Education Ability Enhancement Project Webpage Open Education Enhancement Project webpage is launched. Education Enh...
The Campus Journal  |  2009-10-26 15:54
Park Sung-Ho Present visit Beijing for Academic Exchange
 Park Sung-Ho, president CNU, visited Beijing Engineering University(p...
Hwang Dong-Hyun  |  2009-10-26 15:21
Satisfied with Tutoring?
 The Education Support Center is providing TPEE(Tutor pool for Enhancing Education) service as a part of Education ...
Kang In-Jung  |  2009-10-26 15:20
Dept. of Music, Art College the 28th Graduate Concert
 A dept of music at art college in CNU held the 28th graduate concert ...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-26 15:19
Humanisic Discourse changes your self
 Special lecture for literature  is due to be held with the sponsorship of National Research Foundation of Kor...
Kang In-Jung  |  2009-10-26 15:19
Viva and Hurricane Club Festrival !!!!!!
 When the autumn starts to exercise its power on our mind, Viva cup that interests  CNU students was held afte...
Kim Sung-MIn  |  2009-10-26 15:19
Library for Students or Public?
 Nowadays CNU library is full of students preparing for the mid-exam. ...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-26 15:18
Nobody is Perfect
 Nobody is perfect in our worlds. Someone who believes their own ability thinks he can do everything by oneself wit...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-26 13:17
prevent infection of a Influenza virus
CNU examine the having fever at the entrance of a library to prevent infect...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-26 10:56
A cleaning lady is cleaning the street of CNU
 As autumn approaches, Leaves change their color in the fall.While it ...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-26 10:56
Is Really there Non-Smoking Section?
Students don’t care where their staying on non-smoke area
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-26 10:55
Campus Life
Woo Mi-Jung  |  2009-10-26 10:43
Controversy over 'ggul-beokji'
 Do you know ‘ggul beokji’ which means a beautiful thigh? You might hear it on the internet or television. The ‘ggu...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2009-10-12 23:23
Job Marathon
(1) Resume And Cover letter We have heard about the senior who is flus...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-10-12 22:54
Proposal & Sign of Horse Delay in Payment
The Proposal I would like to introduce a film.  Margaret Tate is ...
Kang In-Jung  |  2009-10-12 22:49
12 Years in Prison for Child Sexual Violence, Damn Nonsense
1)  agreeKim In-minDept.of Electronics Engneering I never agree this decision about a case of Na-Young was sen...
Kim In-min, Yoon Seung-Joon  |  2009-10-12 22:06
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