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The central library locker assignments now a draw
 Central library lockers were assigned to CWNU students on March 22. The selection method was a draw. The previous ...
Kim Sung-min  |  2011-03-28 17:39
Mentoring program attracts attention
A recent survey shows that about two out of ten university students have no interaction with their professors. To improv...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2011-03-28 17:21
9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hits Japan
 A massive earthquake with magnitude of 9.0 hit Japan on March 11. The powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami whic...
Lee Jung-eun  |  2011-03-28 16:15
Do you know about Arbor Day in Korea?
 Korea’s Arbor Day was enacted to encourage people to plant trees, to develop forest into resources, and to beautif...
Park Ji-min  |  2011-03-28 16:13
CWNU students participate in V-day Campaign 2011
 What do you do to honor the women in your life? Do you buy a gift or send flowers to your mother on Mother’s Day? ...
Cecile Hwang  |  2011-03-28 16:10
Happy Birthday, Kim Tae Hee!
 “Kim Tae Hee is The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.” How do I know this? Many students have told me so. No...
Daren Jonescu  |  2011-03-28 16:08
Which way is right?
 On March 11th, there was a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan. Japan was severely damaged by the eart...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-03-28 16:06
Commemorate the 42nd anniversary of the foundation of CWNU
CWNU was founded on March 21st, 1969. On March 17th we celebrated the 42nd ...
by Kim Gyeong-ah, Reporter  |  2011-03-28 15:49
Let's enjoy ‘Jinhae Gunhang Jae’!
     The ‘Jinhae Gunhang Jae’ (Naval Port Festival) in ...
Ko Hye-young  |  2011-03-28 14:52
Prof. Lee Chan-gyu elected as new CWNU president
 The CWNU presidential election was held on March 9 (We...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2011-03-14 16:06
Must have this useful application.
Travel in Korea Tourism The Tourism in Korea application is brought to you by the Korea Tourism Organization's Publicati...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2011-03-14 15:58
Life is not a spectator sport
“Life is not a spectator sport” is the slogan of Reebok, the well-known sports brand. Interpreting the meaning of this s...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-03-14 15:57
Health care tips for spring
 Spring is the season of warm sunlight, but there’s a big temperature ...
Ko Hye-young  |  2011-03-14 08:43
Hey there, freshmen!
 Graduating from high school is a huge milestone – you’ve gotten through what many say is the worst of it. So...
Cecile Hwang  |  2011-03-02 19:09
Education dreams & realities
 Recently, I was reminded of how long I have lived in Korea, when two students I taught in middle school visited CW...
Daren Jonescu  |  2011-03-02 19:09
The explanation about the English Lounge
 In this age of globalization, most students need to improve their lan...
Lee Jung-eun  |  2011-03-02 19:03
World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles
 The new SF blockbuster, ‘World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles’ will be ...
Kim Sung-min  |  2011-03-02 18:57
Do you know the LEC?
 What is the Language Education Center (LEC)? LEC is located in the College of Social Sciences (Building 22). LEC o...
Park Ji-min  |  2011-03-02 18:57
A little attention from you will make an Industrial medical school
 CWNU has held the inauguration ceremony for its drive to establish an industrial medical school, and has gotten to...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2011-03-02 18:57
Tips to freshmen for a successful college life!
 The university is very different when compared with high school. From now on you are no longer a teenager. This me...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2011-03-02 18:54
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