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기사 (전체 265건)
"King Dollar Phenomenon", Skyrocketing Exchange RateThe won-dollar exchange ...
Kim Min Seong, cub-reporter  |  2022-10-04 09:22
Queen Elizabeth II of England Dies
Queen Elizabeth II of England DiesOn September 8, Queen Elizabeth II of Englan...
By An So-yeon, editor-in-chief  |  2022-10-04 09:22
Korean Government YouTube Account Hacked
Korean Government YouTube Account HackedOn September 3rd, the Yo...
By An So-yeon, editor-in-chief  |  2022-09-18 23:44
Delivery Platforms in inflation
Delivery Platforms in inflationMany people have been using delivery platfor...
By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter  |  2022-09-05 08:42
Skyrocketing Food Material Prices Before Chuseok
Skyrocketing Food Material Prices Before ChuseokFood material prices are...
By Kim Su-gyeong, cub-reporter  |  2022-09-05 08:41
Cheongwadae, Opened Up
Cheongwadae, Opened UpOn May 10th, Yoon Suk Yeol was inaugurated a...
By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter  |  2022-05-30 12:12
Dr. Oh Eun-young's
Dr. Oh Eun-young's "Etiquette" Campaign ControversyOn the 9th, the Committe...
By Seo Ji-min, cub-reporter  |  2022-05-30 12:11

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