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기사 (전체 602건)
Opening a TOEIC academy
During this summer vacation CWNU opened a TOEIC course in a TOEIC academy. CWNU needed an immersion course for students ...
Kim Do-yeon  |  2011-08-29 19:54
CWNU's Globalization Project
 The world has become one due to the advent of the Internet and intern...
Kim E-seul  |  2011-08-29 19:53
Aptitude Test Intensive Training
The ‘2011 Business Conglomerates' Aptitude Test Intensive Training’ was hos...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2011-08-29 19:42
Summer season university student internship
    Most students mainly improve their qualifications one st...
Ko Hye-young  |  2011-08-29 17:02
Useful IT Certification Training Courses
This summer vacation, the university’s Information and Computer Center offered IT Certification Training Courses for stu...
Park Ji-Min  |  2011-08-29 15:55
Healthcare in summer season!
◈Sunscreen is indispensable, proper sunbathing is good!These improve immuni...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2011-06-16 10:02
Students compete in the Global Golden Bell
International and Korean students participated in the Global Golden Bell on...
Ko Hye-young  |  2011-06-07 21:46
The 23rd Keochang Int'l Festival of Theater
The heat wave and summer holidays are just around the corner. Thi...
박지민  |  2011-06-07 20:06
'Please Look After Mom' a must read selected by Oprah winfrey's O magazine
  Did you ever wonder how your mom lived her life as a mother, a wife,...
최덕윤  |  2011-05-27 18:46
Toxic chemicals in Cigarettes
Nowadays, countries around the world encourage their people to quit smoking...
Kim E-seul  |  2011-05-23 17:14
Let’s quit smoking with apps!
  Nowadays, the Smart Phone is a general trend, and there are various applications for these phones, so we will loo...
Park Ji-Min  |  2011-05-23 16:08
Should we raise cigarette taxes to reduce smoking?
 Smoking is one of the major killers in the world. Smoking is not only dangerous to your health but also to the hea...
Kim Sung-min  |  2011-05-23 12:19
CWNU's social contribution to Changwon
CWNU's visiting concert is now the talk of the town, as reported in all kin...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2011-05-23 12:18
Campus cafeteria food waste reduction campaign
    As excess food waste occurring in the cafeterias increas...
Ko Hye-young  |  2011-05-09 15:41
You can be ‘IU’ if you learn to play the guitar!
   The 27th General female students' association ‘The Dang Dang’ ...
Park Ji-Min  |  2011-05-09 15:40
Hacking vs. Cracking
Most people misunderstand the precise meaning of hacking. Hacking does not mean removing or hammering date or program, o...
Kim Do-yeon  |  2011-05-09 14:08
Be Careful your information from hacking that nearby ous.
  Hacking computer security weak point and found the way to solve the problem and prevent malicious using it. If th...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2011-05-09 14:07
Chinese students’ sports festival
Chinese students living in the CWNU dormitory held a sports festival in fro...
Lee Jung-eun  |  2011-05-09 12:39
CWNU's effort related to 'Green Campus'
  'Low carbon green growth', a new paradigm of national development, i...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2011-04-25 14:07
Are we safe from radioactivity?
Since the explosions at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, people have become increasingly concerned about the possible ...
Lee Jung-eun  |  2011-04-25 13:02
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