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Carcinogen Detection in Cement, Dereliction of Duty by the Ministry of Environment? By Seo Ji-min, cub-reporter 2022-05-17 03:15
CWNU Athletic Meeting Started Again By Jung In-hee, reporter 2022-05-17 03:13
From Now On, The Non Face-to-Face Generation Governs The School: Bi-Sun-Sil-Se By Kim Su-gyeong, cub-reporter 2022-05-02 02:16
Park Min-won, a Professor at Changwon University, Won the Order of Nokjo Merit By An So-yeon, editor-in-chief 2022-05-02 02:15
April 23rd World Book Day By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter 2022-05-02 02:14
Study Zones of CWNU By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter 2022-05-02 02:14
Changwon University: the Center of the Leading Model for the University Human Rights Center By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter 2022-05-02 02:14
"Gapyeong Valley Murder Case": Lee Eun-hae's Fan Chat Room Controversy By Seo Ji-min, cub-reporter 2022-05-02 02:02
Government Pushes for Count Age in Full Reunification: Up to 2 Years Younger By Jung In-hee, reporter 2022-05-02 02:01
The Truth of Electric Car: Is it Eco-Friendly? By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter 2022-05-02 02:01
President Lee Ho-young Presents Solutions to Higher Education Crisis By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter 2022-04-10 23:18
Concerns about Death: Euthanasia By Kim Su-gyeong, cub-reporter 2022-04-10 23:17
The Bereaved Family's Request for the Death Penalty of the Murderer Kim Byung-chan By Seo Ji-min, cub-reporter 2022-04-10 23:16
Yoon Yeo-jung: Awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Award with Wit and Consideration By Jung In-hee, reporter 2022-04-10 23:16
Online Classes Resumed Due to Rise of COVID-19 Cases on Campus By Park Hyun-jong, reporter 2022-04-10 23:16
CWNU’s Club Activities: Flower of Campus Life By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter 2022-04-10 23:15
Self-made Car Club Skid Bring New Experiences By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter 2022-04-10 23:15
Metaverse's Activities in Untact Era By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter 2022-04-10 23:15
Adapting International Students to Korea: Korean Language School By Kim Su-gyeong, cub-reporter 2022-03-28 06:54
Korea's New Leader: President Yoon Seok-yeol By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter 2022-03-28 06:54
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