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The Beautiful Store: Sharing Brings Happiness
It is important that we know exactly what we want to do. If you are interes...
Lee Ha-eun  |  2015-03-30 18:32
The Various Spring Festivals in the World
 Most of people think that spring is the most beautiful season of the ...
Kim Yu jeong  |  2015-03-30 18:32
Run with Pace Maker!
Which club has won the enormous prizes in CWNU? That is ‘Pace Maker’, the e...
Oh Yu-ju  |  2015-03-30 18:28
Is it really new?
CWNU's new student dormitory ‘BTL (Built Transfer Lease)’ was completed ear...
Jeong Seung-in  |  2015-03-30 18:05
Sexual Molestation Occurrence at CWNU
Recently, sexual molestation in universities is becoming more widespread. It is shocking because most of us expect high ...
Park Sarah  |  2015-03-30 18:03
Congratulations on CWNU’s Birthday!
CWNU held the 46th anniversary of its foundation and the 1st Proud CWNU’s P...
Seong Jaeho  |  2015-03-30 18:01
Respect individual’s creative works
How much do you know about copyright? Copyright means the legal right to be...
Jo Yu-Na  |  2015-03-30 11:49
For whom is the department unification intended?
Last year, CWNU came to receive 23 billion won for five years from Local University Specialized Business that the Minist...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2015-03-16 18:56
Pre-University Paparazzi
Different from how it used to be, freshmen went to pre-university for two n...
Oh Yu-ju  |  2015-03-16 18:56
Where is the school supporting association accounting going?
A legislative bill on the financial management of national universities (Na...
Kim Yu jeong  |  2015-03-16 18:36
Money Is Not the Only Way of Donating
As life expectancy has increased, adult illnesses such as diabetes and high...
Cho Yu-na  |  2015-03-16 14:30
Maximize the CWNU Dorm!
The CWNU dormitory is comprised of seven buildings. The old buildings are c...
Oh Yu-ju  |  2015-03-02 18:16
Are you Satisfied with the State Scholarship?
Korea Student Aid Foundation implements scholarships in order to reduce the...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2015-03-02 18:11
CWNU Holds the 2014 Graduation Ceremony
The 2014 CWNU graduation ceremony was held on Friday, Feb 27th in the Educa...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2015-03-02 17:58
A Fresh Start with a New Leader
Last year was the most eventful year in CWNU. The busy year passed and CWNU...
Jo Yu-Na  |  2015-03-02 17:57
What do you think school elections?
At the moment there are a lot of elections at CWNU. Do you know about them and have you ever voted in them?  We con...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2014-12-02 18:50
Workshop for Strengthening Employment Support
Employment opportunities are increasingly becoming scarcer. To overcome this situation, the earlier you consider getting...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2014-12-01 18:50
CWNU does the best for reducing greenhouse gas
CWNU won the first prize for the third consecutive year at the ‘Greenhouse gas and energy target management result of op...
Oh Yu-ju  |  2014-12-01 18:49
The Final Days of ‘Saerogochim (F5)’
‘Saerogochim (F5)’, the General Student Association, which held their inauguration ceremony last April, is now finalizin...
Jung Hye-jung  |  2014-12-01 18:47
SMC: Fostering and Supporting Creative Engineers
Do you know about CWNU Specialized businesses? One of them is The Smart Mec...
Lee Ha-eun  |  2014-12-01 18:36
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