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Never Give Out Personal Information
 What should you do if someone asks you for personal information? Prot...
Kim jun-hyeok  |  2013-11-25 15:41
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.
 The book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, by John Gray, says ...
Jeong Eun-su  |  2013-11-11 17:20
Let’s Talk About Sexual Minorities.
 What are sexual minorities?Sexual minorities are groups of people who...
Kim Jun-hyeok  |  2013-11-11 17:19
Maintaining Cars During the Season Change
 Vehicles need to be taken care of during the season change because se...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2013-11-11 17:19
How to Use Computer for a Long Time without Error
 A computer must be managed well at all times. This article is to let ...
Kwon Ji-un  |  2013-11-11 09:35
Pimples: Where do they come from?
 Many people are stressed out because of pimples. When you are teenage...
Lim Guk-jin  |  2013-10-28 18:37
How to Manage Stress
 People always get stressed. Many people think they only get stressed in bad situations, but it’s not true. People ...
Lim Se-jin  |  2013-10-28 18:11
Round Trips in One Day
 Exams are over. Do you want to get out of your house? Let me tell you...
Kim Jun-hyeok  |  2013-10-28 17:52
Enjoy Yourself After Midterms
 You've done a good job with taking exams for about a week. These days...
Kim Du-ram  |  2013-10-28 17:45
Causes of Infertility
 The birth rate in Korea is decreasing, but there are still many coupl...
Kim Du-ram  |  2013-10-14 18:53
What do you know about Contraception?
 In the past, many people thought that women should be chaste before m...
Lim Se-jin  |  2013-10-14 10:45
Good books for YOU!
 Most 20-somethings are worried about their future. We are sometimes c...
Lim Guk-jin  |  2013-10-14 10:44
Healing with Tea
 When the fall comes, there is a great temperature difference between ...
Jeong Eun-su  |  2013-10-14 10:43
Dangers of Approaching Radiation from Fukushima
 It has been over two years since the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster happe...
Kim Du-ram  |  2013-09-30 17:18
Do you Know about Psychological Effects?
 On the road ahead, sometimes psychological effects have control over ...
Kim Jun-hyeok  |  2013-09-30 11:35
Challenge Your Dream
 These days, television seems to be in the grip of audition program fe...
Jeong Eun-su  |  2013-09-30 11:35
The Present State of Fukushima
 Recently, Tokyo Electric Power admitted that the polluted water of Fu...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2013-09-30 11:34
Movie is what helps mend a broken heart.
Are you having fun with campus life? Maybe, you are so tired and busy with ...
Kim Jun-hyeok  |  2013-09-16 20:59
How to Make Easy and Fast Late Night Meals
 People often eat late night meals. Chicken, pizza, and instant noodle...
Jeong Eun-su  |  2013-09-16 14:01
Traveling on Nubija Bicycles: Frugality and Convenience
 The hot summer has almost passed, and autumn will be arriving. It is ...
Gwon Ji-un  |  2013-09-03 21:06
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