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Buy Snacks, Throw in Some Nitrogen
The title is a sarcastic remark about packaged snacks. Most snacks are pack...
Kim Jun-hyuk  |  2014-05-12 17:55
Dramatic Development of Changwon national industrial complex and CWNU
This year was the 40th anniversary of the national industrial complex in Changwon. The celebration was held on 1st April...
Jeong Nan yi  |  2014-04-14 20:23
Three Professional Sports Teams in Chang-won
Sports can deliver the addictive qualities of a drug, and sports helps to unite all sorts of people. Chang-won has one s...
Kim Jun-hyeok  |  2014-04-14 20:20
Cervical Cancer Vaccine: Be Informed
 These days, a lot of people encourage women to get a vaccination agai...
Kim Du-ram  |  2014-04-14 20:17
Romance in Your Twenties
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you loving and loved now? Regard...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2014-04-14 20:09
Introducing Unique Part-time Jobs
As university students, we are always short of money. So we cannot help doing a part-time job. It is hard and boring to ...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2014-03-31 18:03
Visit and Compare Cafés at CWNU
If you are tired or busy, maybe you should have a cup of coffee. I visited some cafés, in search of cheap and che...
Kim Jun-hyeok  |  2014-03-31 18:01
A Threatened Table
1.     Enhanced BeefMany people enjoy eating beef. Ther...
Jeong Nan-yi  |  2014-03-31 17:59
What is Depression, the Major Cause of Suicide
The number of people suffering from depression is increasing these days. So...
Lim Se-jin  |  2014-03-31 17:57
Various Leisure Activities in Changwon
As the CWNU semester begins, many students come to Changwon from places suc...
Jeong Eun-su  |  2014-03-17 18:40
Flowering Trees on Our Campus
After the last, fierce, cold snap, spring will come. Buds have formed on some trees, and some flowers have bloomed alrea...
Kim Du-ram  |  2014-03-17 18:25
Small Dust, Big Problem
There is a substance that can’t be seen by our eyes because it is really ti...
Jeong Nan-yi  |  2014-03-17 18:17
Blackouts : The Primary Symptom of Alcoholic Dementia
Blackouts, or memory loss, can be commonly caused by heavy drinking. Some r...
Lim Se-jin  |  2014-03-17 18:14
Overseas Volunteer Work: A Dream Journey
Last winter, in the year of the horse, the overseas volunteer team from Cha...
Lee Hyun-ah  |  2014-03-05 20:26
CAMBOATTI Gives Love to Cambodia
On January 8th, 32 members of CAMBOATTI (a CWNU volunteer group) flew to Si...
Park Ji min  |  2014-03-05 20:25
Treatment of Korean Athletes Compared to Other Countries
 Viktor Ahn, formally known as Ahn Hyun-soo, earned a bronze medal in ...
Kim Du ram  |  2014-03-03 20:19
Inspire Awareness About Copyright Policies
 This year, the Disney animation “Frozen” was a big hit around the wor...
Jeong Eun-su  |  2014-03-03 20:15
Some of the World’s Biggest Festivals
Brazil Rio Carnival Samba In Rio do Janeiro, Brazil, the world’s large...
Kwon Ji-un  |  2013-11-25 15:43
Various Desserts around the World
 After having a meal, you may find you naturally want to eat something...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2013-11-25 15:42
How to Save Money and Live Thriftily
 Most university students have some financial difficulties. They often...
Lim Se-jin  |  2013-11-25 15:42
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