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Forum Successfully Completed: CWNU Nears Glocal University Designation
  • By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2024.06.03 00:06
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▲ President Park Min-won delivering a lecture at the "Glocal University and Changwon Industrial Complex Future 50 Years Forum" (Source: Provided by CWNU Office of Industrial-Academy Cooperation)

Interest is growing in the possibility of CWNU being designated as a Glocal University. CWNU has made multifaceted efforts to achieve this designation in 2024. By fostering close cooperation with local industries, CWNU has promoted innovative programs linked to the Changwon Industrial Complex, strengthened practice- oriented curricula, and focused on nurturing talent to revitalize the regional economy. Additionally, to enhance global competencies, CWNU has expanded exchange programs with overseas universities and actively recruited international students. CWNU has also strengthened its research capabilities by establishing advanced research institutes and increasing research funding. As a result of these efforts, CWNU has built a symbiotic model with the local community, demonstrated excellence in education and research, and laid the groundwork for its leap towards becoming a Glocal University. To further publicize the necessity and achievements of this initiative, CWNU recently held two forums, making a final push towards its goal of Glocal University designation.

On May 14, the "2024 Glocal University and Changwon Industrial Complex Future 50 Years Forum" was held, during which CWNU signed MOUs with relevant institutions and companies. At this event, President Min- won of CWNU delivered a keynote speech on "CWNU Pursuing Change and Innovation." He highlighted the university's selection as a preliminary designated Glocal University, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the university's competitiveness, university integration, and regional co- prosperity through alliances with local innovation institutions. Subsequent sessions featured in- depth lectures on the defense industry, the future vision of the Changwon Industrial Complex, and strategies for industry- academia cooperation. The forum focused on presenting future development directions for the sustainable co- growth of the university and the local community while fostering a consensus on mutual development among universities, local governments, research institutes, and companies.

In addition, on May 21, the INNO- BIZ Association Gyeongnam Branch celebrated its 20th anniversary by holding the "INNO- BIZ Forum for the Success of Glocal University" and signed a business agreement with CWNU. This agreement aims at nurturing local talent and achieving success in the university's specialized projects, with the designation as a Glocal University being a key component. Both institutions agreed to cooperate in the exchange of industry- academia- research activities, research and technology, and the support of human and material resources as well as facilities. President Park Min- won emphasized the importance of regional development through university innovation and mentioned the need for close cooperation between the university and local industries. He stated, "Starting with the selection as a preliminary designated Glocal University, CWNU will ensure university competitiveness through bold innovation and lead regional co- prosperity development through university integration and collaboration with local innovation institutions until the final designation." The forum and agreement are considered important steps in strengthening university- business cooperation and promoting regional development. CWNU plans to further strengthen its role as the center of higher education in Gyeongsangnam- do and grow together with the local community.

The journey of CWNU towards its official designation as a Glocal University is not just the result of the university's efforts but also the passionate participation and support of the entire local community. In this process, close cooperation with key institutions of the local economy, such as the Changwon Industrial Complex, as well as active support from various sectors within the region, has been instrumental in driving the success of this initiative. The official designation as a Glocal University has provided CWNU with an opportunity to present a new development model aimed at mutual growth and co- prosperity with the local community. Such collaboration and support play a crucial role in realizing the university's vision of contributing to regional development. In particular, the partnership with the Changwon Industrial Complex not only links the university's research and educational activities with practical industrial settings, offering students hands- on learning opportunities, but also contributes to enhancing the competitiveness of the local industry. It is hoped that these collective efforts and dedication will bear fruit, establishing a virtuous cycle in which CWNU and the local community can mutually thrive and develop.

By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief  jhgongju0903@gmail.com

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