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The Campus Life Illuminated by Club Activities
  • By Yoon Hye-won, cub-reporter
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▲ Image captured after the club’s regular performance (Source: Provided by E-MASTERS)

Each semester, the campus is filled with new energy, and this semester is no exception as various clubs at CWNU stand at the center. Regardless of one’s major, club activities provide an opportunity to share hobbies and goals with people who have similar interests. The experiences gained from these activities not only help students with personal development but also enhance interpersonal skills through the process of interaction. Additionally, they help students relieve stress and feel psychological relaxation, which motivates them academically and contributes to a fulfilling school life. Currently, CWNU has a variety of clubs in different fields: there is APC (photography club) in the Liberal Arts department; R.C.Y (Red Cross Youth) in the volunteer department; Hurricane (basketball club), FC Gang (soccer club) in the sports department; C.C.C (Campus Crusade for Christ) in the religious department; CYPRUS (band club), PHOENIX (cheering squad club), PYHITA (female dance club), and 4Dabeatz (hip- pop) in the cultural department.

Each club has its own unique characteristics and activities. For example, the photography club, APC, shares passion for photography through organizing exhibitions. The badminton club, Oreo, meets every Friday at 6PM in the gymnasium (Building 8) and participates in various competitions as well as exchange matches with other universities. Looking back on all these activities, we aimed to highlight the results of CWNU’s clubs and their significance to the students. Therefore, we conducted an interview with a student actively involved in a central club.

Q. Could you introduce yourself please?

Kim: Hello. I’m Kim Se- eun, the Chief Manager of E- MASTERS, the central coed dance club at CWNU, and I’m from the Class of 23 from the Dept. of English Language & Literature.

Q. What motivated you to join the club?

Kim: I’ve had a fascination with university clubs since my school days and I wanted to engage in various activities with new people. While searching for a club where I could see the fruits of my activities, I was recommended to join E- MASTERS through a close acquaintance.

Q. What is the most memorable moment during your club activities?

Kim: The most memorable moment for me is our regular performances held every semester. Although I don’t dance on stage, I feel pride in being responsible for the sound, lighting, and direction of the performances, all of which contribute to the success of our regular stages. We’re currently preparing for our 10th regular performance, and I appreciate crafting everything, from posters to tickets.

Q. What is the greatest achievement your club has fulfilled?

Kim: One unforgettable achievement was when E- MASTERS performed at the Freshmen Learning Place this year. The overwhelming response from the audience on that day is something I’ll never forget. After seeing our performances, two freshmen in our Department were inspired to join E- MASTERS. The opportunity to perform at many events every year is the greatest accomplishment in itself for our club.

Q. Have you gained anything through your experiences?

Kim: I’ve noticeably improved my skills in photoshop, sound, and lighting. Additionally, engaging in various activities with diverse people has made me more extroverted and my enthusiasm has increased significantly.

Q. Lastly, do you have any advice for students who want to join the club?

Kim: I’ve gained a lot through engaging in activities with various people. I’ve realized that confidently showing what you love is truly cool, and it has prompted me to deeply contemplate what I genuinely enjoy. Without a doubt, joining the club has been the best decision of my campus life. If you’re a student at CWNU, I encourage you to join any club you’re interested in at least once.

All clubs at CWNU, including E- MASTERS, have achieved significant accomplishments to this day, and there is great anticipation for their activities in the second semester. Student clubs on campus serve as more than just simple gatherings; they play a crucial role in student’s holistic development. We hope to see even more diverse and creative activities unfold in the upcoming semester and wish for student engagement in club activities to be active and passionate, illuminating their future brightly.

By Yoon Hye-won, cub-reporter  flipp1005@naver.com

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