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CWNU to Establish Aerospace Engineering Department in 2025
  • By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter
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▲ Overview of CWNU campus (Source: CWNU Waagle)

On April 29, CWNU announced that the ‘2025 Student Enrollment Adjustment Plan,’ which includes the establishment of the Aerospace Engineering Department, was approved during the academic affairs meeting held on April 26. The student enrollment adjustment plan included the establishment, integration, and abolition of autonomous recruitment units at the university as well as the authority to adjust admission quotas for each recruitment unit. As a result, it has been confirmed that new departments, including Intelligent Robotics Engineering, Sarim- Honors College (Open Major College), Global Advanced Science and Technology College, and Department of Aerospace Engineering, will be established. Furthermore, the establishment of specialized colleges will be initiated, aiming to expand opportunities for students to freely choose their majors. These changes aim to establish an educational environment focused on nurturing future- oriented, interdisciplinary talents linked with regional industries.

President Park Min- won’s stance on next year’s adjustment plan can be categorized into two main points. The first point is not to reduce the enrollment unless instructed by the Ministry of Education. This implies a commitment to prevent the outflow of talent from local regions to other regions by not reducing the enrollment in provincial universities. The second point is to directly nurture high- level talents demanded by the local region at CWNU and to foster advanced technological manpower that meets the rapidly changing society and technological advancements. In a briefing session held in February with Mayor Hong Nam- pyo of Changwon regarding the Glo- Cal University Project, President Park mentioned, “We will play a pivotal role in preventing the outflow of key talents from Changwon and in attracting outstanding talents from external sources to supply key talents.” He also stated, “We will drive forward the revitalization of Changwon, which is the heart of Gyeongsangnam-do, in terms of population, talent, industry, and economy.”

Under these goals, the approved student enrollment adjustment plan is expected to facilitate the development of a more concrete execution plan for the Glo- Cal University initiative. A spokesperson from CWNU explained, “The student enrollment adjustment for the 2025 academic year and the restructuring of the colleges have laid the groundwork for further concretizing the execution plan of the Glo- Cal University initiative.” They continued, “The smooth passage of the 2025 student enrollment adjustment and college restructuring is interpreted as a testament to President Park’s leadership, with university members trusting and aspiring for the designation of CWNU as a Glo- Cal University in 2024, agreeing with its role and responsibilities.”

Previously, CWNU was designated as a candidate for Glo- Cal University through the integration with former provincial universities such as Geochang University and Namhae University, as well as through alliances with institutions like Korea Lift College and government- funded research organizations, forming a comprehensive education belt in Gyeongsangnam- do. Especially in March next year, discussions were held on establishing an aerospace campus in cooperation with Sacheon. It was agreed to continue cooperation by signing a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of the ‘CWNU Sacheon Aerospace Campus’ in June, fostering ongoing collaboration. The establishment of the Korea Aerospace Administration scheduled for the 27th in Sacheon, along with the establishment of the Aerospace Campus, and the establishment of the Department of Aerospace Engineering through the adjustment plan, appear to be opportunities for CWNU to strengthen its position as a leading institution for cultivating advanced talent in the aerospace field in the Gyeongsangnam- do region.

At the inauguration ceremony, President Park emphasized, “The university will pour all its capabilities into the Glo- Cal University project to be designated as the main institution. We will prepare CWNU to play a role in preventing the outflow of local talent and attracting outstanding talent from outside to the region.” As CWNU is putting significant efforts into being designated as the main institution for the Glo- Cal University Project, it is receiving strong support and encouragement from Gyeongsangnam- do, Changwon, and the local community, adding momentum to its endeavors. Especially through the collaboration with Sacheon, the establishment of the Aerospace Campus, and the plan to establish the Department of Aerospace Engineering, CWNU appears to be laying the foundation to evolve into a leading university that nurtures talent for the future and leads regional development. Sending applause to all those working hard for the development and new future of CWNU, and above all, we hope that the university can become a source of pride for its students as it progresses.

By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  hozejunior@naver.com

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