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Hearty Breakfast, 1,000 Won Breakfast
  • By Kim Na-young, cub-reporter
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▲ Menu of the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast’

CWNU operates, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,’ from May 2nd to the end of November. It runs from 8 am to 9 am, and the menu can be viewed in advance through the CWNU app. ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,’ is a project that provides breakfast worth 4,000 won at a low price of 1,000 won to CWNU students (undergraduate and graduate school) with the support of 1,000 won and 2,000 won from the government and the CWNU Co- op, respectively. The CWNU Co- op announced the purpose of the project, saying, "We have implemented the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,’ project to relieve the burden of food expenses for students at CWNU, spread the culture of eating breakfast, and promote rice consumption."

On May 2, when the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,’ started, the student cafeteria of the Sarim student hall was crowded with students who wanted to eat the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,’ even before 8:00 a.m. From the first day, the number of students who participated in, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,’ reached 70, which announced the successful start of the new initiative. On the other hand, on May 4, the last day of the first week, it was quiet even after 8:30 am in the morning. Due to the fact that, unlike the purpose of promoting rice consumption and breakfast, cereals called, ‘breakfast substitutes,’ have emerged. Accordingly, as a result of measuring satisfaction with the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,’ through an interview, the responses to the two days were different.

Q. How did you find out about the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast?’

Jo: After seeing that the department representative posted a notice in the department group chat room, I found out that CWNU was implementing the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast.’

Shin: I learned information about the ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,' through notifications from the CWNU app.

Kim: I found out through Everytime.

Q. Are you satisfied with the quantity and quality of the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast?’

Jo: To be honest, I didn't expect much for the price of 1,000 won. However, the quality of the meal was similar to that of the existing student cafeteria, and the composition was good. In particular, when I was served rice, I was able to fill my stomach with a hearty serving.

Shin: Yes, I am satisfied.

Kim: I felt the quantity was small, but the quality was fine.

Q. If you are satisfied and/or dissatisfied, in which part did you feel that way?

Jo: I was generally satisfied with the purpose of this business, meal composition, price, and quantity. However, one unsatisfying point is that only a small number of students, 'first come, first served 70 students', can benefit from a, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast.’ On the first day of the, '1,000 Won Breakfast,' implementation, I was able to receive the last meal when I went at 8:30 am, despite the fact that the student cafeteria prepared more meals than the previous 70 people.

Shin: Despite the low price of 1,000 won, I was satisfied with the fact that a meal full of nutrients was provided.

Kim: It was dissatisfying. I thought rice would come out after reading the article called ‘Breakfast,’ but cereal and bread came out, and I don't think I was satisfied.

Q. Please tell us about future plans and improvements.

Jo: Overall, I am satisfied and will definitely use it again. However, if the financial conditions of the government and CWNU improve, I hope that more students will be able to enjoy the benefits of the, '1,000 Won Breakfast.'

Shin: I plan to use it again, but I hope the number of people who can eat will increase a little more.

Kim: I wish the menu structure was a little more solid. If it changes, I am willing to use it again.

Looking at the number of users of the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast,’ on the 2nd and 4th, it can be seen that the preference for menus containing rice is higher than for breakfast substitutes such as cereal. The interviewed students using the, ‘1,000 Won Breakfast’ left regrets about the, ‘restriction of the number of people,’ and, ‘the provision of cereal instead of rice,’ However since it is in the early stages of implementation, there is still room for improvement. On the other hand, the CWNU Co- op expressed its will to improve in the future, saying, "We hope that a warm breakfast will become a force for concentrating on studies, and we will continue to increase student satisfaction."

By Kim Na-young, cub-reporter  skdud2986@naver.com

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