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Pro tips from seniors for a fun campus life
  • By Kim Min-seong, cub-reporter
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▲ The trail behind Sarim Falls that interviewees recommended

Since classes started on March 2nd, campus life for CWNU’s freshmen has started. They must be excited, but at the same time, they must be apprehensive about their new academic and social life. The Campus Journal interviewed Min- sol Kim, a senior majoring in English Literature, and Gyeong- eun Hwang, a senior majoring in International Trade, in order to find out what some of the difficulties are surrounding campus life; asking them to introduce some of the various facilities that exist for students’ convenience.
The first pro tip is about some of the school cafeteria’s menu items that they would recommend to freshmen. The three cafeterias that are run by Changwon University’s Cooperative Living Union, include the cafeteria for students that is located in Bongrim Hall’s east wing of the first floor, the cafeteria for faculty that is located in Bongrim Hall’s east wing of the second floor, and the cafeteria for students in the east wing on the first floor of Sarim Hall. Interviewees recommended the cafeteria for faculty on the second floor of Bongrim Hall and the western food menu at Sarim Hall’s cafeteria.
The second pro tip is about three inspiring places to take a walk around campus. Those places include a trail that starts from Sarim Hall, continues to the Engineering College, and ends at the East Gate, a trail that can be found behind Sarim Falls and Cheongwoonji. While taking a walk, you can observe ducks and koi fish at Cheongwoonji, which is located in front of the dormitory. Cheongwoonji is also famous for its beautiful blooming roses and cherry blossoms in the spring, so many locals come to visit. Interviewees recommended the trail behind Sarim Falls because they explained that it helps them to feel relaxed when they feel stressed, recounting that it is easier to absorb the forest atmosphere as there are only a few people there. The trail that starts from Sarim Hall and ends at the East Gate is famous for being a beautiful place to take pictures due to the blooming Mexican Aster flowers, also known as, ‘cosmos,’ in the fall.
The third pro tip is about some of the extracurricular programs available to CWNU students. Students can learn more about these extracurricular programs on the edream website (edream.changwon.ac.kr/). Some of the extracurricular programs include special topic courses on learning foreign languages and the, “One- to- One Program.” The special topic courses on learning foreign languages not only provide programs for students who are studying for English exams such as OPIC and TOEIC, but also for students studying second languages at different levels. The, “One- to- One Program,” offers matching foreign exchange students and CWNU’s Korean students as one- on- one partners, so that participants of the program can have more opportunities to understand foreign cultures and share a platform for language learning, by having an opportunity to make foreign friends.
The last pro tip is about facilities that are available on campus. Some of the recommended facilities include the English Lounge, the gym building, and In- Body amenities. The English Lounge is located on the second floor of Sarim Hall and it is a place where only English is spoken. The English Lounge offers various studying programs and high- quality corrections from native speakers, so that students can have a chance to greatly improve their English language skills. The school gym, located in the Physical Education Building, offers free use to CWNU's students. The school gym’s hours of operation varies by the day, therefore, people who want to visit the school gym should check notices on the, ‘CWNU Waggle,’ before going. The golf course that is located next to the school gym also offers discounted membership fees for students. There is an In- Body machine that is free to use on the first floor of CWNU’s head office and students can use it any time it’s open.
It is not only the freshmen who have difficulties and concerns about campus life. The interviewees that The Campus Journal interviewed, as well as many other students, have had the same concerns. Interviewees also recalled: “We also had to bear the worry of being anxious about our grades, while asking ourselves, ‘Will I be able to make it?‘ Now we are seniors.” They warmly offered incoming freshmen words of reassurance like, “There will be more fun days ahead,” and, “Everything will be alright if you just keep your head up.” CWNU will always continue to support freshmen who are taking their first steps towards a new stage in their life.

By Kim Min-seong, cub-reporter  kms9494274@gmail.com

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