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The CWNU Entrance Ceremony Held In 2023
  • By Shin min-joo, reporter
  • 승인 2023.03.13 02:13
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▲ Lee Ho-young, the President of CWNU, welcomes freshmen in the 2023 Entrance Ceremony (Source: CWNU Waggle)

On Thursday, the 2nd of this month, at 10 a.m., the 2023 CWNU Entrance Ceremony was held at the auditorium on the first floor of the Global Lifelong Learning Center_(The Building 98). Until last year, CWNU held entrance ceremonies on- line and off- line simultaneously due to the COVID- 19 situation. In the case of offline, participants were only allowed to attend the event, which was confirmed in advance in accordance with quarantine rules. However, starting this year, not only freshmen but also CWNU students, parents, graduates, and local citizens, were able to attend the event, due to the easing of quarantine rules for the entrance ceremony. As a result, more people than usual attended the entrance ceremony, welcoming and celebrating the freshmen.

The entrance ceremony was held over the first part of the pre- ceremony event and thesecond part of the main event; which began with a screening of the university promotion video produced by the Admissions Department. The university promotional video, based on the slogan, "University that grows towards the world with creative research education," includes not only the university's history and achievements, but also introduces in house- university facilities such as libraries, campus cafes, and CAN- D zones, providing information for freshmen and helping them adapt to campus life. After screening the university's promotional video, congratulations for the 2023 freshmen were followed by cheerleading performances by the university cheering club, ‘Phoenix,’ rap performances by the hip- hop club, ‘4DABEATZ,’ and orchestra performances by students in the Department of Music.

The second part of the main event, which was followed by the opening speech, was attended by the President of the CWNU Lee Ho- young, as well as the president of an alumni association Kim Jae- heung, and the president of the General Students' Association. Since then, Lee Ho- young, the President of the University, has declared admission to freshmen and master's students who have passed the 2023 university admission process. In response, two of the freshmen vowed to, "observe the university rules and fulfill their duties as university students." In addition, Lee Ho- young, the President of the University, said in a speech, “I sincerely congratulate the freshmen on entering CWNU, and in the future, you will face numerous challenges that you have never experienced in university life, so please always remember that you are the proud members of CWNU." In addition, he declared, "The best professors are teaching you with all their might, and for your betterment in education and university life, so CWNU will do the best to play the role of the dedicated university until the day of your honorable graduation." Also, he announced the results of financial expansion in the university, and announced that CWNU has ultimately developed into a structure aimed at creating a student- centered university environment, supporting professors, and regional development. Finally, Lee Ho- young, President of the University, said, "Freshmen should also grow into members of CWNU that are worthy of our university's dignity and responsibility."

Next, the president of an alumni association, Kim Jae- heung, suggested three things about the attitude as a freshman. "First of all, as a member of the university, which is the hall of study, focus on academic exploration. Second, as a subjective person, determine and practice your life, and take responsibility for it.” Finally, he emphasized, “think about what we can do for the community, ensuring to look around to pay attention to social problems and think about solutions," ending with a welcome and congratulatory applause for the freshmen. Since then, the 2023 CWNU Entrance Ceremony has been completed, closing with the university song, sung by all of the participants who attended the entrance ceremony.

The 2023 CWNU Freshman Entrance Ceremony is meaningful, in that it was held for the first time since COVID- 19 without limiting the number of attendees. For this reason, the entrance ceremony was held amid the welcome and celebration of more attendees than last year. Lee Ju- ha, a freshman in the Department of French Language & Literature who attended the entrance ceremony, said, "I'm still a freshman who lacks information about the university, but I'll try hard from all aspects and become a student who can do anything well." The Campus Journal supports the independent and responsible university life of freshmen in 2023, and hopes they grow into wonderful members of the CWNU.

By Shin min-joo, reporter  pinky3167@naver.com

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