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CWNU Capability Top Talents' Campus Life
  • By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter
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▲ 2023 ‘Capability Top Talent’ Scholarship Plan Schedule

From the end of January to the middle of February this year, applications and notifications of the Top Talent Scholarships were completed. This year, 80 people received Capability Top Talent Scholarships, including 20 for capability development and 60 for excellence in capability activities. I investigated and interviewed the CWNU Education Performance Management Center about the Capability Top Talent Scholarship system that provides scholarships every year, and what the selected students are like in university.

'Capability Top Talent,' is a scholarship system created to foster self- directed talents with core ability. In the selection process, after the nonsubject (activities outside of the regular curriculum) mileage is confirmed, Capability Top Talent Scholarship recipients are selected based on the calculated nonsubject capability score. Capability Top Talent recipients must apply for the Capability Top Talent Scholarship in the Irwodeurim system. There are two types: Capability Development Type and Capability Activity Excellence Type. The, 'Capability Development Type,' is a type of scholarship that pays 100,000 won to students who have accumulated 60 or more points of nonsubject capability scores during their time at CWNU. You can only benefit once while attending CWNU, and those who have received a scholarship at least once from the two categories of nonsubject top talents, cannot receive a scholarship in the other. The, 'Capability Activity Excellence Type,' is a kind of scholarship that provides 200,000 won to 300,000 won to those who excelled in the nonsubject capability and 5 core abilities for the relevant year. Students with a total score of 60 or more in the nonsubject capability score, will receive a scholarship of 300,000 won, and the excellent type will be awarded to people with five core abilities, receiving a scholarship of 200,000 won. However, it is essential to participate in the core ability assessment called, 'Irwojindan,' to receive a scholarship.

On the, 'Student Performance Noticeboard,' on the CWNU Irwodeurim website, you can read memoirs of students of the Capability Activity Excellence Type. Referring to the top talent story, we looked at the overall participation motivations, participation reviews, and recommended nonsubject programs of the students of the capability activity excellence. Many students picked, 'scholarships, acquiring mileage, interests, developing abilities, job qualifications, and doing something,' as motivation for participation. The reviews of participation in nonsubject activities mainly said, "It was beneficial and meaningful in terms of career, information, experience, ability,self- esteem, and human relationships," and all positively evaluated nonsubject activities. The students of Capability Activity Excellence Type mentioned SMART Salon/Salon+, Global Buddy Program, and Career Camp as recommended nonsubject programs. We interviewed selected students to get more details about the, 'Capability Top Talent,' students.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Park: Hello. My name is Yoon Sun Park, a second- year student in the Department of English Language & Literature. I was selected as a superb student in the Communication Skills category in last year's Capability Top Talent.

Q. What motivated you to participate in mileage nonsubject activities?

Park: At first, I participated in a nonsubject activity to win a scholarship. As my first nonsubject activity, I participated in the, 'Changdaehan Project', which became a foothold for other nonsubject programs.

Q. What was your review of participating in nonsubject activities?

Park: It was an opportunity to meet various people in external activities, except for department classes and liberal arts classes, and to develop mutual improvement and self-reflection. In addition, it was a satisfactory activity to gain knowledge, information, personal connections, share snacks, and scholarships.

Q. What nonsubject activities would you particularly recommend?

Park: I would recommend the, 'Peer Counseling,' activity. 'Peer Counseling,' is a program that counsels peers. You can learn counseling from a professional counselor and get to know your true self through various psychological testing activities. When you receive supervision, you can also expand your thinking by sharing a number of possible opinions from one case.

Q. Is there anything else you want to add?

Park: I hope you start your nonsubject activities with the thought, 'Trying wouldn’t hurt.' Your first attempt creates opportunities for other activities, and everything you did leads to qualifications and a more detailed personal history.

The selection and scholarship payments for the 2023 Capability Top Talent Scholarship System will be held from the end of January to mid- February next year. Changwon University students who want to be selected for the Top Talent Scholarship system, must first choose the selection type that suits them, and then connect to CWNU, 'Irwodeurim,' and, 'Dreamcatch,' websites and apply for the desired nonsubject program, to commend a strategy to earn mileage.

By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  opal_40@naver.com

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