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CWNU Holds General Election for 2023
  • By Jung In-hee, reporter
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▲ CWNU Central Self-Governing Organization Candidate Meeting in 2023 (Source: CWNU Broadcasting CUB)

From November 14 to 15, the General Election for the 2023 school year of CWNU was held. Thus far, the election of the 36th ‘Synergy’ College of Engineering & Mechatronics Campaign Headquarters, the 35th ‘With U’ College of Economics & Business Campaign Headquarters, the 33rd ‘Yedaum’ College of Arts Campaign Headquarters, the 34th ‘Harang’ College of Humanities Campaign Headquarters, and the 34th ‘Raon’ College of Social Sciences Campaign Headquarters, have been announced.

The candidate registration was conducted from October 26 to 28, and the candidate's document screening was conducted on October 29. A joint campaign was held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12, showing each candidate campaigning throughout the school. A joint speech session was held from Nov. 7 to 11. On November 7, at 18:30, the Joint Laboratory held a meeting of the College of Engineering and Mecca, the College of Business and Arts at 19:00 on November 9, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at 18:30 on November 10, in the Global Auditorium. On November 11, at 18:30 in the auditorium of Sarim Student Hall, a meeting of candidates from the Central Government's General Students' Association and the Financial Audit Committee, and a debate on the primary of the Student Council were held, attended by students from CWNU.

The 36th 'Synergy' College of Engineering & Mechatronics campaign headquarters consisted of presidential candidate Chung Kyu- sik, a Robot Control & Instrumentation Engineering major, a candidate for vice- presidency from the College of Engineering Song Dae- sun, a Computer Engineering major, and a College of Mechatronics vice- presidential candidate Shim Jae- young, a Robot Control & Instrumentation Engineering major. The 36th ‘Synergy’ pledged to jointly purchase engineering calculators in the education sector, activate kickboard return zones in the living sector, hold engineering cup soccer competitions in the culture sector, and check and repair hidden cameras in women's toilets in the welfare sector.

The election campaign headquarters of the 35th ‘With U’ College of Economics & Business consists of presidential candidate Department of International Trade, Kang Seung- jin, and vice- presidential candidate Department of Economics, Park Joon- seok. The 35th ‘With U’ pledged to run a snack business in the welfare sector, operate an Instagram account in the communication sector, open a Kakao Talk room, promote a new learning center in the event sector, and promote corporate exploration programs in the employment sector. The election campaign headquarters of the 33rd ‘Yedaum’ College of Arts is presidential candidate, Dept. of music, Kim Sun- woo, and candidate for vice- presidency Fine Art Department, Shin Da- yeon. The 33rd ‘Yedaum’ proposed opening an Instagram account at the College of Arts in the communication sector, providing a calendar for monthly art events, suggesting installing a location sign at the hotel in the safety sector, promoting a freshman learning center in the welfare sector, and a department contest in the education sector.

The 34th ‘Harang’ College of Humanities election campaign headquarters consists of presidential candidate History Department, Nam Ji- woong, and vice- presidential candidate Korean Language and Literature Department, Son Hyun- ji. As a pledge, the 34th ‘Harang’ announced a project to promote a new student learning center in the planning sector, report lost items in the communication sector, survey the status of empty classrooms in the facility sector, and share masks in the welfare sector.

The election campaign headquarters of the 34th ‘Laon’ Social Science College consists of presidential candidate Chinese Department, Jin Dae- han, and vice candidate Lee Soo- min, Administrative Department. The 34th ‘Laon’ pledged to host a new learning center in the school sector, promote learning on educational exchange programs in the education sector, activate social science college Instagram and Facebook accounts in the communication sector, and improve the social science college environment in the welfare sector. The General Student Council Election was re- voted from 9:30 to 18:30 on November 28 to 29 due to management problems during the General Election process. In the case of the Financial Audit Committee, the number of voters out of the 7,043 voters was 2,165(30.74%) in the extended vote held on November 16, which failed to meet the 35% turnout.

The General Election is a place to select representatives of CWNU and each College in the following year. Therefore, CWNU students who make up CWNU can participate in voting and exercise their rights as CWNU students. Voting is available online and can be conducted at CWNU's Waagle- Bachelor Information- Online Deliberation. We hope that each elected candidate will run the university truthfully and correctly, fulfill their pledges well, and lead the 2023 school year effectively.

By Jung In-hee, reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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