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CWNU International Exchange Program
  • By Nam Chae-young,cub-reporter
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▲ International Affairs at CWNU conducted Korean law education to help foreign students adapt to life in Korea. (Source: CWNU International Affairs website)

In CWNU, various international exchange projects and programs for international students are underway within the Office of International Relations. International Affairs aims to internationalize education through active academic exchanges with excellent overseas universities, contributes to strengthening the university's economic power by attracting excellent foreigners, and fosters global talents, who can maintain an international perspective and capture regional characteristics. We are running various businesses. We were able to hear about the contents of international exchange going on campus through an interview with Director Bae kyung-jin of International Affairs.

Q. Please introduce CWNU's international student support and international exchange projects.

Bae: There are three major international exchange programs: support for international students for undergraduate and graduate students, international exchange programs, and support for international students for language trainees. A representative international exchange project that is active overseas is the, ‘exchange student program.’ The exchange student program is an initiative where you study as an exchange student for one or two semesters at a sister school that has signed an agreement with you. ‘Short- term language training,’ is conducted for the purpose of foreign language education and cultural experience during the vacation period. The, ‘Overseas Cultural Exploration Team,’ is a program in which three to four students make their own plans and visit various places abroad during the vacation period. Unfortunately, the program has not been implemented for the past two years due to the spread of COVID- 19. One of the programs that are currently active in Korea is the, ‘One to One Program.’ This is an initiative to meet foreign students one- on- one and help them with their student life. There is also an, ‘Online One- to- One Program,’ that conducts various activities in connection with overseas students online. ‘Major Study,’ is a program where international students and students of the same major meet one- on- one to help international students study their major. Through these programs and studies, international students can adapt quickly to school life and have the opportunity to improve their academic achievements.

As programs to help people adjust to life in Korea, we are implementing, ‘Korean Law Education,’ and, ‘Fire Safety Education,’ both of which are aimed at education on Korean laws and sexual violence prevention. In addition, “career education,” is being implemented to help international students find employment. Lectures on the necessity of career planning and the importance of career management are held for lower grades, and lectures on how to write resumes, cover letters, and self- introduction letters are held for upper grades, to help international students prepare for employment. We are also planning to hold job fairs in conjunction with companies located in Gyeongnam.

In order to improve the Korean language ability of international students, we are operating the, ‘Korean Proficiency Preparation Class.’ We are also implementing the, ‘Korean Language Excellence Scholarship,’ system, which provides a certain amount of scholarships according to the level of improvement in test scores. As for the support program for language trainees, the, ‘Korean Language Proficiency Preparation Class,’ is operated to support the acquisition of the Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK), and a special class is also organized separately for students who need additional supplementation. Various cultural events to enhance understanding of Korean society and culture, the, 'International Student Cultural Experience,' to visit famous domestic attractions, 'Sports Day,' 'Photo Contest,' 'Korean Law Education,' and 'Career Education' are held.

CWNU was selected as a, ‘Government Invitational Foreign Scholarship (GKS) pursue knowledge University,’ and participated in the foreign scholarship project of the National Institute for International Education under the Ministry of Education from 2023 to 2025. Being selected as a government- sponsored foreign scholarship student (GKS) is a great asset in attracting excellent international students. Attracting excellent international students is of great help in vitalizing graduate schools. If various research projects, including the BK- 21 project, are activated by attracting excellent international students, more research results can be created. In the future, various projects and programs will be carried out at International Affairs, therefore, we hope for a lot of interest from students.

By Nam Chae-young,cub-reporter  ncy0618@naver.com

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