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CWNU Holds Meeting with Colombian Universities
  • By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter
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▲President Lee Ho-young and the faculty members of Colombia Universities had a meeting (Source: CWNU waggle)

On November 7, the faculty members of two Colombia Universities visited CWNU and held a meeting with the faculty members. The meeting was to process the content on student exchange, international cooperation between universities, and more in the university headquarter building 1. Last April, CWNU had a launch briefing session about a project to establish a foundation for revitalizing the Colombia Shipbuilding Industry in Cartagena, Colombia. Then, for this time, what are the new Colombian Universities that had a meeting with CWNU?

Bolivar University of Technology (UTB) is a four-year private university located in Colombia. UTB is the university where they received the National Education Ministry's approval for renewal of high-quality institutional certification. UTB operated various projects from 2012 and acquired a degree qualification. Additionally, they signed a dual degree contract with universities in the U.S., Italy, and France.

Colombia Naval Academy, another university attending this meeting, had a past position held an exchange event with the Korean Naval Academy for cruise training. Last August, it was a school which has been in continuous communication with Korea by concluding agreement for the cooperation of the Marine Cadet Curriculum with the Korea Maritime and Fisheries Training Institute.

A total of six people attended the meeting, including President Lee Ho-young, Director of International Exchange Education, Yoon Sang-hwan, Professor of Engineering at the Colombia Naval Academy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at CWNU, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Bolivar University of Technology (UTB). They discussed Colombia University running master’s, doctorate, and exchange student programs. Then, they consulted specific measures for joint lectures and research implementation by professors. Through this, CWNU expects to select two international students from Colombia Naval Academy from 2023 and plans to sign an international agreement to expand various programs, such as student exchanges.

CWNU is actively propelling cooperation and exchange with foreign universities. Especially, as it is expected for the influx of Colombian university students to increase, because they talked about the exchange student program, the implementation of joint lectures, and research with Colombia University. Lee Ho-young president said, “Colombia is a country and the only country in Latin America that fought as a combat unit in the Korean War. Therefore, we always have an appreciative mind and we expect that the developmental friendly relationship between education, economy, and culture will continue to expand. CWNU, which is carrying out the, “PMC Service Project to establish a foundation for revitalizing Colombia’s shipbuilding industry,” will successfully implement a practical exchange student program between Korea and Colombia Universities to create a leading model for international exchange.”

By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter  pseun1017@naver.com

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