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Korea's Only Sculpture-Specialized Exhibition, "Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022," to Be Held
  • By Jung In-hee, reporter
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▲ Poster for the Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022 (Source: Changwon Cultural Foundation)

The Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022, the only specialized sculpture biennale in Korea, is to be held for a total of 44 days from October 7 to November 20, under the theme of, "Channel: Wave-Particle Duality." The 2022 Changwon Sculpture Biennale consists of: two main exhibitions, two special exhibitions, domestic and academic symposiums, civic lectures, and side events. The exhibition will feature 90 invited artists from 27 countries contributing more than 130 works, including sculptures, installations, and media works.

The Changwon Sculpture Biennale, which is to be held in 2022 when Changwon became a Special City, will be held throughout Changwon Special City, including Seongsan Art Hall, Jinhae Jungwon Rotary, Black-and-White Cafe, Masan Changdong Center, and 3.15 Maritime Nuri Park. The theme of the exhibition, "Channel: Wave-Particle Duality," is an interpretation of whether humans are separated from organisms, viewed from the perspective of quantum mechanics. In general, humans seem to be separated from life in nature, but they are considered integrated entities, from the perspective of quantum mechanics. In other words, each individual is the center of the world, however, as an independent individual, they are not a separate entity, but merely a circulating entity between the micro and macro worlds.

Kim Yoon-chul artist's, "Dust of the Sun," is a work that explores the possibility of imagination and creation of another reality beyond the realm that humans can experience, by focusing on the potential propensity of matter. Han Jin-soo artist's, "Flower by Chance," is a work of installation that interacts with space and changes. During the exhibition period, fountains that produce bubbles will be installed, leaving traces behind. The audience will enter the small entrance and appreciate the work, which induces spatial deviation, allowing them to feel the space of the work in a surreal and futuristic atmosphere. British author Michael Whittle artist's, "Solar Butterfly," is a work that expresses the location data of black spots on the sun's surface, measured by scientists for more than 150 years. This data is called 'Butterfly Diagram' because it looks like a butterfly's wings. The artist plans to make a Butterfly Diagram from 1967 to 1980s on the glass ceiling of Seongsan Art Hall lobby.

You can experience the Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022, as if you were traveling through the culture of Changwon City, along with the exhibition of the Biennale. Since there are unique cultures within Changwon, Masan, and Jinhae, you can also experience the history and culture of Masan, Changwon, and Jinhae while viewing the main exhibition venue, and the open studio of Special Exhibition 1. Through the experience of culture from Masan Fish Market in Changdong Art Center and the March 15 Maritime Nuri Park, you can sense the smell of the sea. You can view modern buildings built during the Japanese colonial period, near Jinhae Black-and-White Cafe and Jungwon Rotary. Visitors to the 2022 Changwon Sculpture Biennale can experience Changwon City's culture along with the Biennale exhibition with the like mindedness of a traveler.

Students interested in the Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022 can visit Seongsan Art Hall and Yongji Lake near Changwon National University, to see the exhibition. In addition, if you are planning to visit Masan and Jinhae, please search for nearby exhibition halls and enjoy the only Changwon Biennale in Korea that specializes in sculptures. Through this exhibition, individuals and particles inherent to us, will have time to feel the state of waves that become part of the whole, through the window of awareness through, "interest," "exchange," and "experience."

By Jung In-hee, reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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