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Signed a Cybersecurity Agreement to Eradicate Hacking
  • By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter
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▲Representatives of each institution signing the agreement (Source: Changwon University website)

President Ho-Young Lee announced on the 27th that Changwon University had signed a business agreement to “strengthen cooperation in discovering cyber security talents in Gyeongnam.”The organizations that signed the agreement were Gyeongsang National University, Korea South-East Power, and the National Intelligence Service.The signing ceremony was held, which included President Ho-Young Lee as the representative of Changwon University, Soon-Ki Kwon as representative of Gyeongsang National University, Min-Tae Hwang, Director of the Information and Computer Service as representative of the National Intelligence Service, and other NIS officials.Looking at the contents of the agreement, the ultimate goal is to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities in the region. To this end, the organizations participating in the agreement agreed to cooperate closely to give and receive assistance to discover and foster future cybersecurity talents.

Computers have become indispensable in modern times as most people use computers to conduct business. Since the computers are connected to each other through networks, transactions between people are also processed through computer-to-computer communication. However recently, the number of cases of cyber hacking in the local community is increasing. Looking at the examples of cyber hacking, the first is IoT Hacking. The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely used, but it is vulnerable to hacking because it is possible to command all actions with one device. The second is Ransomware Hacking. This hacking which is rising again these days, is a kind of hacking that requires money in a way that locks important files in the computer so that they cannot be opened. Without paying a ransom, the third example is so-called, “Malicious Email”, a method of hacking by email. It is done by sending malicious emails with lies that tell the results of predicting the number of infected people and deaths of COVID-19, while using the current Corona 19 pendemic to emotionally manipulate people. As a result, the daily environment of local residents as well as the work environment of public institutions and companies are threatened by hacking.

Therefore, the Gyeongnam region judged that Gyeongnam lacked interest in cyber security as compared to the metropolitan area, and decided to pay more attention to projects and activities for nurturing cyber security experts and strengthening capabilities in order to strengthen the level of cyber security in the region. First of all, the agreement accured to encourage participating organizations to create a safe cyber environment in the region and to promote a healthy cyberculture. Second, it was decided to nurture future cyber security talents through white hacker training and cyber security competitions. Third, he announced that he plans to carry out various support activities, such as strengthening local cyber security capabilities through cooperation with local information protection companies and academia.

According to this plan, a safer cyber environment will be created in the future. The effect of nurturing local talent and creating jobs, can be expected by preferentially promoting cooperation with local companies and academia, when carrying out various cyber security-related projects. In addition, Changwon University President Ho-Young Lee said, “We will actively promote academic activities to share the latest research results and technologies in the field of cyber security with local institutions and industries, and strengthen joint research tailored to local public institutions and a system for nurturing local talent,” he emphasized. Finally, if you want to discover more information about cyber hacking, you can use the website called, ‘Cyber Safety Keeper’. If you briefly introduce the functions of this website, you can receive education on the prevention of hacking, be provided counseling, and you can report and receive information regarding hacking.

By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter  rlghks523@naver.com

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