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CWNU established Engineering space
  • By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter
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On April 25th, 'Engineering Space,' was established in Bongrim Student Hall, the first student hall of CWNU and the operation of the Engineering Space was began with an opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was held with a celebration concert of the Department of Music. During the celebration, various people had participated in the opening ceremony, such as Lee Ho Young University President, teaching staff, students, a general reunion, and Officials of the Ulsan-Gyeongnam Regional Innovation Platform Management Center etc. In December 2021, in order to establish 'Engineering Space', a student lounge which had consisted of a meeting table, learning space, meeting room etc. for USG (Uinverstiy System of Gyeongnam) in Bongrim Student Hall on the second floor was demolished and the construction was carried out with an investment of 300 million won. Since then, for the first time, the Engineering Space had newly appeared in the student lounge in about a 5 month period. What is the newly established 'Engineering Space'?

Engineering Space is a part of the construction of an open space for future education in the community. It is a space established in Bongrim Student Hall on the second second floor, through support of Ulsan-Gyeongnam Regional Innovation Platform. It can oversee cultural complex education space necessary for operation of smart manufacturing engineering curriculum. This place can accept about 90 people at capacity. There are two study rooms and bookshelves available separately. Various forms of learning spaces are arranged, like a single seat and a multi-person seat. Therefore, people can learn, have a meeting, and take a rest in the Engineering Space. Additionally, we can use E-Learning equipment support facilities including, wireless charging pads and electrical outlets. This is because not only school members, but also local citizens and businesses, can use the space in a convenient enviornment. Futermore, it is expected to be used as a useful and helpful space because the 'Engineering Space,' modernizes and restructures education-lecture facilities, to support collaborative task solving. In addition, we can expect good results in the Human Resources Development Education Project because participating universities of Ulsan-Gyeongnam Innovation Platform and participants in projects of regional innovation institutions constructed this place.

Like this, CWNU is maintaining facilities inside, pushing ahead, and trying to continually develop for a better learning environment. It can be seen that by attracting national projects, students are at the center and are intensively speeding up the construction of an innovation space for open future education in the community. In one of these processes, the engineering space is established in Bongrim Student Hall on the second floor, with a good environment and facilities. This time, even if the engineering space is established with strong support and a lot of courses are unfamiliar, it is recommnended to actively use it with earnest interest. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to witnessing the continued emergence of new and creative innovative spaces of open future education in CWNU.

By Seong-eun Park, cub-reporter

▲A veiw inside the Engineering Space (Source: CWNU Waggle)

By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter  pseun1017@naver.com

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