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From Now On, The Non Face-to-Face Generation Governs The School: Bi-Sun-Sil-Se
  • By Kim Su-gyeong, cub-reporter
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▲CWNU’s Broadcast Station CUB’s Culture Film Thumbnail (Source: Youtube Channel of CUB)

Recently, our School’s Broadcast Station, ‘CUB’ produced, ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se,’ a series that depicts cultural film in various episodes that contains information on the Non Face-to-Face Generation’s school life. Just as the series, ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se,’ offered a beginning with, “From now, Non Face-to-Face Generation governs the school,” it really happened in this school, with a preponderance of a new Generation of Non Face-to-Face contact, alias class of COVID-19, class of ‘20, ‘21 and ‘22s. Additionally, all classes will be influenced by the Non Face-to-Face Generation next year. Like this, the series of, ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se,’ that contains the story about the emerging Non Face-to-Face Generation, is particularly noted. Therefore, we can hear about the details through our interview with the Producer of, ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se.’

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Park: Hello. I’m Park Su-yeon, a trainee staff member of CWNU’s Broadcast Station CUB, and Class of ‘21 in the Department of English Language Literature. The cultural film, ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se’ of CUB, is produced by 3 staff members including myself, Kim Yun-ji Class of ‘21, Lee Gyeong-min Class of ‘19, both of whom are in Journalism and Broadcasting.

Q. What is the meaning of, ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se’?

Park: ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se’ contains the meaning of, “’Non face-to-face Seniors,’ Reality story Minutiates.”

Q. Is there a particular reason why you produced the, ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se’ content?

Park: Since the Class of ‘20, there have been many changes in student’s school life because of COVID-19. Therefore, we produced this content to show a new angle on school life for the Non Face-to-Face Generation, who weren’t able to go to school, but were heavyweights of influence.

Q. ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se,’ series is now continuing with episodes: ‘Non Face-to-Face’, ‘Love Story’, and ‘Dormitory,’ what has the reaction been like?

Park: Non-face-to-face school life, which was thought to be boring due to many restrictions on activities, is more meaningful than expected, has more fun and gain than face-to-face, and has helped school life after watching the video. Especially, the topic which can't be left out in college: dating. Maybe that's why the number of viewers is the highest in the, ‘Love Story,’ episode.

Q. In what direction are you going to continue with ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se,’ series?

Park: We will continue the episodes by highlighting videos that compare non-face-to-face and face-to-face situations by focusing on non-face-to-face school life, such as tests and events.

Q. How do you feel about producing the ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se,’ content?

Park: More than I thought, people around me responded positively, saying, "It's fun, beneficial, and I lost track of time," so our team is gaining a lot of strength in making the video. As an individual of the Non-Face-to-Face Generation of the Class of ‘21, I think I am having a very good experience because I can discover a new side of non-face-to-face contact every time I edit.

Q. Lastly, please let me know if you want to add anything.

Park: I hope that our students' school life will be more rewarding through our CUB's Cultural Video, ‘Bi-Sun-Sil-Se.’ All the productions of the Video Department, including our Broadcasting Station's cultural videos and news, can be found on YouTube, Facebook's the CUB account, and the CUB official website. All staffs are working hard to produce more fun and fruitful videos, so please show a lot of interest and love.

CWNU's Broadcast Station, CUB, conveys sympathy and comfort to the Non-Face-to-Face Generations by including their stories in the, “Non-Face-to-Face Influential,” cultural video. We support the development of the CUB, which produces various content for CWNU students, and hope that it will continue to help CWNU students in their school life through the CUB.

By Kim Su-gyeong, cub-reporter  tnrud2824@naver.com

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