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Changwon University: the Center of the Leading Model for the University Human Rights Center
  • By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter
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▲ Changwon University Human Rights Center’s leading model development project selection guide poster hosted by the Ministry of Education (Source: CWNU Homepage)

Organizations working for Human Rights include Amnesty International and the National Human Rights Commission. Amnesty International is an organization that works to protect and promote Human Rights, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There is another Human Rights state institution. Its name is the National Human Rights Commission. The National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) is a state agency dedicated to Human Rights, which was established in 2001. Although it has no legal authority, it has a great influence on the improvement of related laws and regulations. In addition to these organizations, universities also have centers working for Human Rights. These centers are called the University Human Rights Center, and Changwon University operates a University Human Rights Center.

The Committee, including the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education and Human Rights Management Center, and the National Human Rights Commission of Korea Busan Human Rights Office was held at Changwon University. The Human Rights Protection Department and the Development Plan of the Regional University Human Rights Center were discussed. In addition, a seminar was held, to mandate a plan to raise awareness of Human Rights and Gender Equality with Gyeongsang National University. Additionally, in the same month, Changwon University Human Rights Center’s, ‘Respect for Human Rights UP! Human Rights Value UP! Human Rights Mind UP!’ system establishment and program operation was selected as an excellent case.

Moreover, on April 7, 2022, Changwon University was selected for the ‘University Human Rights Center Lead Model Development Demonstration Project’ by the Ministry of Education. Changwon University was selected under the category, 'Human Rights-friendly culture creation', type along with six other universities, such as Catholic Kwandong University, Konkuk University, and Kyungpook National University. This program is an initiative that prevents Human Rights violations and raises awareness by producing educational content, human rights education for school members, and a provision of victim recovery programs. In the southeast region, Changwon University was the only university selected for this project.

The Ministry of Education evaluated, "Changwon University has a Victim Support System which includes psychological and legal counseling and medical expense support, therefore, there is a possibility that the Victim Support Psychological Counseling Program for faculty and students will spread to other universities." In addition, Changwon University's Human Rights Center was evaluated as being stably operated by systematizing the handling process, such as dispatching Human Rights-related staff, setting up a counseling room, and receiving, investigating, and relieving victims. Changwon University was selected as the, 'Human Rights-friendly culture creation', category through written and presentational evaluation by the Evaluation Committee. to spread Changwon University, together with the universities selected for the project, will form and operate a consultative body, and will seek cooperation measures such as consulting for human rights managers, spreading business outcomes, and best practices.

Changwon University Human Rights Center continues to seek ways to develop the Human Rights of university students in the local community and better operate the Human Rights Center. Changwon University Human Rights Center Director Lee Jang-hee said, “Preventing Human Rights violations in advance, by developing human rights educational contents, developing various human rights promotional cultural programs and Human Rights policies, and working to create a Human Rights-friendly culture on campus, such as activities to raise Human Rights awareness, will present a national leading model. We will spread its advocacy. If you have more questions about the Changwon University Human Rights Center, you can visit thier Changwon University Human Rights Center website to find out detailed information on terms related to Human Rights, the purpose of the establishment of the Human Rights Center, the functions of the Human Rights Center, and Human Rights-related organizations and organizations.

By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter  rlghks523@naver.com

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