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Study Zones of CWNU
  • By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter
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▲ Cheongunmaru

At Changwon National University, the new semester begins in March, and when cherry blossoms bloom throughout the campus, falling a month later, the first midterm period begins. Therefore, students need places to study that they can freely enter and use. For such students’ requirements, there are a lot more convenient facilities in the campus than before due to steady remodeling construction, thus, students no longer need to go far to find study places such as study cafés.

The place where students gather the most for studying is the Building No. 2, Library. It is located in the center of the school and has good accessibility, containing about 1,700 seats in the Reading Wing and the Data Wing. In order to enter the Library, you must present your Student ID card or use the mobile application, ‘Clicker,’ which allows you to search for books, reserve seats in the reading room, apply for lockers, as well as being granted entrance. On the first floor of the Reading Wing, there are study cafés, a coffee shop, and a convenience store. On the second floor, there is, ‘Hanuldam,’ the 2nd Reading Room and a lounge. On the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors, there are also lounges and Reading Rooms prohibiting the use of laptops, that require the reservation of seats in advance with a Clicker, unlike the first and second floors. In the Data Wing, on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, there are Data Rooms where you can find various materials necessary for study. A student who visited the Library for the first time in two years said, “I didn’t use the library often, but the Library I came to after a long time changed so well that I thought I should come here frequently. I think it’s especially good that the first and second floors are open.”

In addition to the Library, there are many places in the school that are acceptable to use during the time in between classes. On the first floor of Sarim Student Hall, Building No.6, there are cafés, a convenience store, printers for printing materials for classes; improving the quality of students’ learning. Moreover, each building has Study Zones for students: the 3rd floor of the 2nd College of Engineering, Building No.52; the 1st floor of the College of Economics & Business, Building No.21; the 4th floor of Dongbaek Hall, Building No.3; the 1st floor of the College of Arts, Building No.63; the 2nd floor of the College of Social Sciences, Building No.22; the 4th floor of the College of Natural Sciences, Building No.31. All buildings have Wi-Fi and sockets that can charge electronic devices, and you can freely access them at your discretion, regardless of your department.

There are also several Study Zones outdoors. First, it is, ‘Cheongunmaru,’ an outdoor study café in Lake ‘Cheongunji,’ in front of the dormitory. It is equipped with wireless Wi-Fi and charging facilities, streetlights, and landscape lighting are also installed for the safety and convenience of students who use it at night. There is an outdoor terrace on the 3rd floor of the College of Natural Sciences. Sarim Falls study café, ‘Ssolmaru,’ across from Sarim Student Hall and the Central Garden study café, ‘Byeotmaru,’ in front of the College of Engineering, is also equipped with wireless Wi-Fi and charging facilities. Therefore you can study and have space to heal in nature at the same time.

CWNU continues to build convenience facilities and Study Zones for students. President Lee Ho-young said that he will continue to develop a student-centered educational environment and the space for the complexity of education and culture, and suggested the infinite development of the educational environment for CWNU’s students. It is hoped students will come to know various study spaces throughout the school, use them properly in a beneficial way, and to attain an outstanding academic achievement in their studies.

By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter  osw8768@naver.com

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